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Touched by the King of Glory in ZambiaBy Staff

Hello I am writing from Zambia.

I was raised up by strong Christian parents who did everything they could so that we might know every story in the Bible and know all about Jesus.

Due to family challenges as children, we were send to stay with relatives and as an adult I couldn't take the life we led and I looked for means to leave Zambia.

Being alone and lonely I joined friends who drank alcohol. I stopped worshiping as on the way I met people who emphasized that there is no God and that Jesus was just a story and not true. I became confused and frustrated and I stopped going to church. I came back to Zambia in 2011 and something inside me always told me God is alive and that he is always with me. However I still had doubt in my heart bur the voice was soft and strong on my heart.

One day I was left for dead but I found myself alive! I knew then that the power and love of God was with me. When I was healed I thanked The Lord and humbly prayed for my sins to be forgiven. I tried attending my old church but the more I felt empty. I longed to know The Jesus more! The weakness of not going attending church crept in again.

Last year I met a friend who we got along so well and I realized she was so very spiritual that she started sharing the word of God with me. She would send me books to read. I started reading: He came to set the captives free! My spirit awaken to devils tricks, and then, my spirit grew hungry for more of God. It was my spirit that cried out for more! I read more books, we began to worshiped and pray more with my spiritual sister at her house.


We would send each other encouraging messages. She taught me how to fast. On my first 15 days of fasting I had testimony after testimony. Some looked so small but in my spirit it was huge and I just fell on my knees with a lot of tears of joy in songs and praise! The Lord was with me!  Jehovah was showing me that He was real. I shouted out these are not your tears and rebuked the devil, because my tears were joyful tears for my maker! I had was beautiful moments to praise the Lord in worship, to give thanks giving’s to God. I have never felt at peace my heart kept on singing praise songs.

Then I came upon a book "Unlocking the hidden mysteries" by Kevin Basconi.

Truth is am beyond words, this book is well, spiritually, articulated. I rejoiced, cried, laughed, looked with awe at the Heavens! I was full of peace I have never felt. My prayer everyday is that the Lord through His Dear Son empowers my spiritual ears and eyes for that beautiful ,wonderful and mysterious impartation and activation, for me to see Jesus Face.


With worship, fasting, prayer & staying away from sin and not to bring pain on anyone it has been, so that I grow in Jesus.

Thank you for the wonderful book, eye and ear spiritual awakening! GLORY GLORY GLORY... I attend my church now every Sabbath but there is no such spirit as I feel inside.

Sorry for such a long email. Just a bit about me.
Stay Blessed in Jesus Christ and best Regards....L. Zambia


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