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Carol and I highly endorse and recommend the ministry of Kevin and Kathy Basconi. It has not only been our privilege to have received ministry from them, but we have also ministered along side of them on many occasions. We have been their pastors since 2003 and have seen the anointing of God that rests upon King of Glory Ministries International first hand. They have been a real blessing in many areas of our church.

The Lord has anointed Kevin and Kathy with a unique ability to teach, and a special aptitude to train and impart to others the gifts of miracles and healings. We have experienced bonafide, and documented miracles, and healings at Christ Triumphant Church as they have prayed for the sick. Many of our congregation are now moving at a greater level of the anointing for ministering healings and miracles as a result of their ministry, and impartations at Christ Triumphant Church.

I have utmost respect, confidence and trust in Kevin and Kathy Basconi and King of Glory Ministries International (the name of the ministry that they head up). Kevin came to know Jesus during a very precarious time in his life, drugs, alcohol, and accompanying lifestyle had him on a rapid downward spiral... But then Kevin met Jesus! He fell in love with The Lord and was almost instantly delivered from the entire previous oppressive quagmire! Kevin began to grow exponentially, began telling people about Jesus, and moving in the power of Holy Spirit. God took him from being on a rapid descent to being a rapid riser in The Kingdom! Kevin began moving in many areas spiritually that others who had been walking with Jesus for decades had not yet experienced!

Kevin hooked up with other ministries and went to the nations. While in a mud hut in Uganda, God spoke to him to move to Kansas City and become a part of Christ Triumphant Church. He had only been to Kansas City once and never to our church... but he moved. God has given him a precious and phenomenal wife. Kathy is kind, compassionate and a vital intercessor for them and their ministry. You will find very few people who exude the love of Jesus like Kathy Basconi. They lived in the Kansas City area from 2003 until they moved to North Carolina in 2008. During their tenure here, they were models of how a couple with a ministry called to impact the nations is to function in a local church. Yes they were out to the nations but when they were here, they were model members of CTC!

Kevin is a teacher and preacher... called to be an evangelist. As I am sure you know, Ephesians 4 makes it clear that an evangelist is not only used externally, but is one of the five ministries mentioned as being vital to ongoing health of the church body as well. Kevin wants the church healthy and ministers in a way that builds up and strengthens the local Body/church. He knows what it is and how to minister with anointing of Holy Spirit. People will be healed when he ministers and they will be stirred to minister to others as well. Probably more important than the power in which he/they minister is their integrity... they demonstrate integrity morally, ethically, financially, etc. They are people of impeccable character!

They have ministered extensively in Africa particularly Tanzania. They have started orphanages there, done many crusades with tens of thousands added to The Kingdom of Heaven (always with miracles and healings demonstrating the power of God) and ministered to/with pastors and churches. I have traveled to Tanzania with King of Glory Ministries and have personally seen the wonderful works they are doing there to help Aids/HIV orphans and widows. As a member of the board of directors I have also inspected the finiancial records of King of Glory Ministries International in both America and in Africa.

The Basconi's have a very high level of integrity, and have always been in total submission to local leadership. Kevin and Kathy have been a great blessing to our ministry and we can whole heartily recommend King of Glory Ministries International to minister in your church or conference meetings.

2 Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

There is much more that I could say but this is a brief overview. I recommend both Kevin and Kathy Basconi to you highly and King of Glory Ministries International without any reservations. Feel free to contact me again if there are further questions. My personal email is and you are welcome to contact me at that address as it will go directly to me.

God bless you!

Pastor Alan Koch

From the Office of: 
Christ Triumphant Church 



It was an honor and pleasure to have Kevin Basconi join us for the first time here in Brooklyn, NY at the NYCGSSM and Gateway City Church. 

Kevin brought a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit into our midst and brought a depth of God's Word through the preaching and ministry time.   


 We first hand experienced and witnessed a move of God through the miraculous.  Lives were changed through signs, wonders, miracles and healing’s were released.  We were encouraged and by the power of the Holy Spirit we were thrusted to new heights and levels in the Kingdom through the Holy Spirit’s workings in you.  


 Here are some other testimonies for you to keep for your record from your ministry with us in New York.


 Lorretta, a student at NYCGSSM, was healed of a cyst.  It completely disappeared.  She felt the fire of God on it and immediately it was gone when you prayed for her.


 During the service four women were healed of lumps/tumers on their breast.  Many went up for the altar call but four actually felt the lump/tumer disappear.


 Many were healed from back pain.   One gentleman and one woman was completely healed of knee problems.    A gentleman struggled for years with pain and the pain instantly was gone.  


A curved spine was straightened for a young girl who had pain.  After you prayed for her all pain was gone.  Her spine was healed and she felt it straighten out.


 Much love and blessings,


New York City Gatekeepers School of Supernatural Ministry

Address: 257 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Pastor Ellen Vecchione


Kevin and Kathy Basconi have been a real blessing to our town and church. We have invited them to Stockholm several times. Kevin moves in the supernatural with signs wonders and miracles, and healings deliverance take place. The teaching and preaching builds up the people. We have seen how Kevin and Kathy's preaching was used by the Lord and especially the young people were set on fire, and touched by the Holy Spirit. Their relationship with Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit been restored and made more strong.

We have traveled to Tanzania with King of Glory Ministries International 2006, and we have seen the work of love and help with Aids/HIV orphans and widows, and also to reach the lost.

We want to recommend with all our hearts both Kevin and Kathy Basconi ?For just a Time like this?. (Ester 4:14).

Per and Majbritt Altsved

Pastor Kristet Center Stockhom, Sweden


During their visit to Singapore, I was deeply impressed with the way Kevin and Kathy Basconi ministered as a powerfully anointed husband-and-wife team.

Kevin ministered with boldness, authority and faith. Kathy supported in such a gentle, submissive and loving way. It was obvious the Basconi's have close intimacy with each other and with the Lord. There was such a display of humility, unity and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

The glory of God was present during the meetings and manifesting in many healings and miracles for people in need.


May God?s glory be fully displayed in everything that you do!


Christian Chia, Associate Pastor, Church Of Our Savior, Singapore  



Kevin and Kathy Basconi spoke at our conference in Lewiston, ID in Aug, 2011, hosted by the Prayer Connection Healing Rooms. 


We were challenged to move into deeper intimacy with God.  Kevin and Kathy's love for the Lord and what He is doing in their lives was such an inspiration for us to develop a closer relationship in our lives.  Kevin was very sensitive to listen to the Lord on what to speak.  He told about some of his angelic visitations, but mostly taught us how to be in the place to receive from God, and work in symphony with the Holy Spirit. He taught how anyone can be led by the Holy Spirit to do the works of Jesus. 


We appreciated the fact that they were so willing to pray for people and we saw numerous healings.  A lady had a tumor the size of a quarter dissolve from her back during the service after a word of knowledge.  A man was healed of an injury he received while in the service.  Many had over one dozen healings of backs in one session.  A man and his wife both saw their blood pressure come down in the days after prayer.  A young man, whose heart rate had been very fast for 6 months, also had his slowdown in the days after prayer.  Vision and hearing was improved in several.  There were many other healings that are too numerous to mention here, and we continue to hear from others who were touched, healed, delivered and empowered during the services. 


We definitely feel that the Lord used Kevin and Kathy to encourage and stimulate us in our walk with the Lord.  We've have numerous people ask when they will be coming back to minister again.  We were truly blessed by their ministry and by how the Lord uses them in healing, prophetic words and impartation. We recommend the ministry of Kevin and Kathy to you without reservation.


  In Christ's Love, Jim & Lynnette Johnson- Associate Directors, Prayer Connection Healing RoomsLewiston, ID.