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Activating Your 2020 20-20 Spiritual Vision - Part TooBy Kevin Basconi

# 2 Activating Your 2020 20-20 Spiritual Vision 

Part Too

20/20 Spiritual Vision and Spiritual Multitasking


Unless otherwise noted, all scripture quotations are from the New King James Bible.

Before you read please pray this prayer first.

Father, I just thank You for the heavens that are open over any place this article is being read at this moment. Lord, we give You praise and honor and glory for the miracles and healings that have will manifest in the lives of the readers. I ask, Father God, that as we go forward that there would be activation and an impartation and a manifestation of Your Kingdom in every single person who is reading this article right now. We give You the praise and honor and glory even now, for everything that You are going to do, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen”.

Unusual Manifestations and the Cloak of Invisibility

I want to begin to lay a foundation by writing about activating your spiritual senses, or what I like to call 20/20 spiritual vision. I know that this message was birthed over seven years ago, but it is perfectly valid and relevant for 2020. The Lord has been speaking to me about 20/20 spiritual vision or spiritual senses in great detail since the Days of Atonement in 2011 and beyond. Using scriptures the Lord began teaching me about the true nature of our spiritual senses (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Allow me to outline some of those points for a moment.

We were hosting a school of the seers in 2011. I began to have an unusual manifestation during that whole series of meetings. The manifestation lasted for over a year. What happened was that my eyes would become unfocused. At times I would see double. (No it was not my blood sugar levels as I had those checked). I began to ask the Lord about this. I was asking Him for revelation about it because I knew it wasn’t the enemy. The Lord spoke to me and said, “It’s Me! I’m trying to show you something.” I said, “That’s confirmation.”

Over the four days of the school of the seers, the Holy Spirit would manifest in an area around or upon me and I would begin to see double. When this would happen, it seemed like material objects would begin to morph and shimmer and shake. It happened with physical objects like chairs and cars and walls and windows, but it also happened with people. Things began to be transformed in my vision. This experience was like entering into a supernatural bubble of glory.

In fact, during the last school, I was invisible at times. I was sitting on the front row and I was invisible to the guest ministers on more than one occasion. Being invisible has been happening more and more frequently, and it still happens today in 2020! I literally will walk past someone I know and they will not see me. That is an aspect of the seer realm. Jesus had a cloak of invisibility. God wants to empower His friends with that type of anointing too. The Lord began to speak to me about invisibility. Once He told me what I was experiencing was from Him, I relaxed and I began to look, seeking to discern alethia or truth. In Hebrews 11:1 it tells us, “Faith is the substance I things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” Sometimes we have to look. We have to trust in the Lord to guide us and teach us about things we do not understand.

I began to look more closely when this anointing began to manifest. It seemed that when I would leave the meetings at night, it would multiply. When I was driving to our cabin, I would begin to see double. A couple of times I had to call my wife and ask her to pray for me. I was so drunk in the spirit that I couldn’t drive Glory properly. (Glory is our Ford Explorer who was written about in the Visitations of Angels trilogy, now owned by Apostle Seal).

Quite Miraculous

Another time I was picking up a guest speaker at the airport and it seemed we went into a spiritual bubble or sphere of glory! It was like the car was driving itself and the next thing I knew we were not in the place we were supposed to be. We were like fifty or sixty miles to the left. We were translated somehow. Perhaps the Lord had protected us from something in that instance of this manifestation? This phenomenon lasted for over a year. It continued to build in intensity. As I continued to seek the Lord about it, He told me He was opening my spiritual eyes. Allow me to say it was uncomfortable. Do you want your spiritual eyes opened? It may not look the way you think it’s going to look, it may not happen the way you might think it is going to happen. God is a champion at surprising His people! The Lord often does unusual things with His friends.

It was quite miraculous. In my heart I said, “Okay, Lord, if this is You, I want to understand everything You are trying to show me.” So I prayed a prayer from Ephesians, chapter 1. By the way, this is my heart’s prayer. This is a good key to help you activate your spiritual vision. Ephesians 1:27-20 tells us to pray

…that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly places,

For some of you reading this, that’s what’s going to happen. God is going to release this power upon your life that you are going to have the liberty to be seated in heavenly places.

The Devices of The enemy

After I prayed this prayer, this anointing (of seeing into more than one dimension simultaneously) began to multiply and I began to see double all the time. I saw in the natural realm, but I also saw into the spirit at this same instant. Sometimes this ability would last for hours on end. Again, I was seeing into the spiritual realm at the same time I was seeing in the physical world—double vision. Things would begin to morph. I would begin to see angels and demons everywhere. (Usually, I saw or discerned angels and demons around people). I saw angels and demons in local stores and restaurants. People had demons on their shoulders (many folks still do in fact). During this time I saw a large gargoyle on the roof of a local ministry. The interesting thing was, when the demons realized that I could see them, they would scurry away.

“Lord, I pray for You to set You’re people free from demonic oppression right now. And Lord, I thank You that you have already defeated the forces of darkness within the earth already, in Jesus mighty name. Amen”.

This experience was very much like the experience I describe in my book The Sword of the Lord. In that book, on the Day of Atonement I was taken up to heaven and I saw into the spiritual realm. There was a dark, evil storm coming over the entire earth and I saw hundreds and hundreds of demons who were tormenting people. I now understand that what I experienced in 2013 and 2020 is exactly what I had written about in that book. It astonished me because I was seeing it in the natural realm. And it was true 20/20 spiritual vision.

In the book “The Sword of the Lord” I write about how the demons come out of the gross darkness and placed yokes of darkness, bondage, and evil things upon people. However, many people were unaware of these things being placed upon them. This type of demonic deception and bondage is accelerating upon the earth today. However, the Lord has promised us that He has defeated our enemies and has overcome the world (John 16:33, 1 John 4:1, 1 John 5:4). In that book I outline how you can overcome the demonic deception and bondage is accelerating upon the earth today.

The Grace of God

When you get your spiritual eyes opened, you will begin to discern the devices of the enemy. I believe many people will be set free of demonic oppression even as you read this. The enemy does not want you to see into the spiritual realm. He does not want you to learn to discern. But God wants you to have your spiritual eyes opened to be able to see and hear clearly. That way you can see the door(s) that is/are opening up in the heavens. As a result and you will hear the Father say: “Come up here! And I will show you things that must take place after this.” By the way, the doors or windows of heaven are constantly opening and closing. 2020 is a God ordained moment of time when these open heavens will be accessible more than ever before. It will be easy access to the heavenly places.

I believe what I was experiencing was the grace of God, and I also believe that a quickening and revelation of this supernatural grace is quite important. The Lord gives His people understanding about this kind of spiritual discernment of 20/20 spiritual vision. Once, as I was seeing into more than one dimension at the same time, I was eating salad and seeing angels and demons all over a restaurant. It was a little unsettling. Someone comes up to talk to me and they have a snake on their shoulder. Though it is unsettling, it is called discernment or the gift of discerning of spirits. It’s part of the seer operation.

A Supernatural Ability

Perhaps, at times that’s exactly the way Jesus ministered—with discernment. He saw into more than one dimension at the same time. He saw into the spiritual realm where angels and demons dwell and into the natural realm where each of us earthly creatures abides. The Lord discerned these two separate realities at the same time. That’s a supernatural ability. It’s a gift from God. I believe that it is one aspect or one characteristic of the anointing or the mantle of Melchizedek. This is spiritual multitasking.

Hebrews 5:14 outlines this dynamic: “But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” We exercise our spiritual senses by reason of use. During this season as I was doing this (exercising my spiritual senses), God was opening up my spiritual vision in a wondrous way. Allow me to encourage you to exercise your spiritual senses in the same way that a body builder exercises his muscles. Work out every day! Become a “Popeye” in the spirit.

There is a place for impartation according to Romans 1:11. The Apostle Paul said, “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift… (There are biblical and scriptural foundations for this type of impartation. It’s not an ecumenical impartation, [prayer to set a worthy person into a ministry position or office]. Now this is prayer for an impartation and activation through the laying on of hands or the inspired prayer for releasing spiritual gifts frond in 1Corinthians 12.I believe there can be a manifestation of that dynamic for the Kingdom and God needs and ordains. Even as you read this there can be a matriculation of gifting’s from heaven into your live and spirit.

A Visitation of The Lord

Some of you are going to have your spiritual vision activated even as you read this. Do you want that? Do you believe that is possible? I pray that as you continue to read that you will have your spiritual senses activated and that your spiritual eyes would be supernaturally opened. Spiritual vision is not always about seeing into the spiritual realm. Sometimes it’s about hearing well. Sometimes it’s about discerning what’s going on. This year, 2020, is a time to hear God like never before and to receive a pattern from heaven for your life (Exodus 25:40, 26; 30, Hebrews 8:5).

In 2002, I was in Tanzania and had a powerful visitation of the Lord. I write about it in some of my previous books. I’m not going to take time to share the whole testimony here. But at that time Jesus came down through an open heaven and stood over me for about five hours in the natural; but in the spiritual realm it seemed like this visitation lasted much longer than a few hours. Later in 2007 I relived this encounter with the Lord in Kansas City, Missouri. This was pure grace as it allowed me to write down and document the vision in much more detail. So, remember to journal all of your supernatural encounters very meticulously!

I watched as hundreds and hundreds of angels ascended and descended upon Jesus the whole time I was there lying there on the sea of glass like crystal. In the natural I was in bungalow number 6 at the Tilapia Hotel in the Stoney city of Mwanza, Tanzania lying on the tile floor. But in the spirit I was on the sea of glass like crystal and Jesus was standing over me teaching me about the seer anointing. This was the first time that I visited the sea of glass like crystal, that was eighteen years ago. However, the revelation and impartation is still tangible and still fresh and active today if you can believe to receive it!

Hundreds of angels would come up and down. An angel would come down and I would look at the angel and look at Jesus. The Lord would begin to speak to them in a language I did not understand. He would commission them and send them out to the nations of Africa. I watched this for hours. At the same time the Lord was teaching me about the seers of old (Jesus was spiritually multitasking). The Lord was seeing and operating in the spiritual dimension and the earthly dimensions at the same time. You can too. One of the things He was talking and teaching me about was the seer anointing.

To discover how this journey into the miraculous continued even into 2020 read part three of this article, “20/20 Spiritual Vision Matriculates from Heaven to Earth”.

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