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#4 Activating Your 2020 20/20 Spiritual Vision in 2020 Part # FourBy Kevin Basconi


#4 Activating Your 2020 20/20

Spiritual Vision in 2020 Part # Four


 The Crux of the Matter




Unless otherwise noted, all scripture quotations are from the New King James Bible.


“Father, I just thank You for the heavens that are open over any place this article is being read at this moment. Lord, we give You praise and honor and glory for the miracles and healings that have will manifest in the lives of the readers. I ask, Father God, that as we go forward that there would be activation and an impartation and a manifestation of Your Kingdom in every single person who is reading this article right now. We give You the praise and honor and glory even now, for everything that You are going to do, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen”.


The Crux of the Matter


There is another key the Lord spoke to me from 2 Chronicles 20:20. A critical key that will help you to develop your 20/20 spiritual vision is to hear God for yourself as an individual. So let’s look back to verse 20 of 2 Chronicles 20:


Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.


The first thing God says is “hear me.” In other words, before the prophetic promises in this scripture can operate and manifest in your life, you need to hear the Lord. (Allow me to point out that reading the scripture each day is the best way to hear the Lord for His heart for your life). The next thing we see in this passage is that if we believe in the Lord, we will be established. What we are talking about is a high and holy calling. To be established in the Lord means to be protected or supported by someone who is more powerful than you are, like a parent or a powerful father. Have you got a powerful Father? Would you like your Father to defend you?


That’s what the royal priesthood according to the order of Melchizedek is all about. We have the grace to ascend to the heavenly realms to access our seat at the right hand of the Father and discern the intercessory prayers of Jesus Christ (Colossians 3:1, Hebrews 4:16). Jesus is at this instant praying to the Father on our behalf there in the heavenly places on God’s throne of grace and mercy. There is no warfare to interfere with prayers being heard. Then when we ask according to the Lord’s will He hears and answers our supplications. What is more, when we grasp this dynamic of blessed intercession or prayer and begin to adopt this heavenly pattern into our prayer lives the Father begins to fights our battles for us. We rest in the Lord and then Papa wars on our behalf. Do you want that? It’s part of developing your 20/20 spiritual vision.


God or Prophets


You have a choice to make. You can believe God, or you can believe His prophets. When we hear God and believe in the Lord, we become empowered with a supernatural trust or faith in God Almighty. But it can also be defined as learning to rest in God’s power, to be permanently established, shielded, covered, or safeguarded. It can mean to be spiritually or morally certain of your place of safety in the Kingdom of Heaven. This kind of Kingdom authority is available to you if you truly seek it, and as you learn how easy it is to enter into the rest of the Lord. This is a spiritual undertaking and not a work with our hands and our mental acuity, or human insight. Hearing and believing God yourself is the nobler of the two blessings from 2 Chronicles 20:20.  Just hear God!


The enemy sneaks and creeps around seeking to whisper lies to you. The intent is to deceive you into believing that you are not who Christ says you are. The enemy always will lie to you with the goal of distorting who you are in Christ, and to defame your real identity in the Kingdom of Heaven. The enemy wants to denigrate and slander your character in the Kingdom. When you begin to believe in the Lord by hearing Him and developing your personal 20/20 spiritual vision, you will be established in a place of protection.  You will be granted the grace to sit at the right hand of the Father. In other words, you will begin ministering as a royal priest according to the order of Melchizedek in the heavenly places when you realize and have faith that you can minister as a royal priest.


If we can learn about the mantle or the anointing of Melchizedek, and step into it, we can begin to hear God clearly for ourselves every second of every day. We can develop our gift of discernment; we can develop our ability to hear and see God clearly. We will massage our spiritual senses until we have 20/20 spiritual vision. You can find more biblical truth about this dynamic in Psalm 110 and Hebrews 4. I also have created an audio teaching called “Apostolic Love”. There is also detailed teaching of this dynamic in thebook “The Sword of the Lord and the Rest of the Lord”.


Diluted and Polluted


Back to the scripture, 2 Chronicles 20:20 also teaches us that we can believe His prophets and we will prosper. I do believe in the prophets. I listen to some prophets. I don’t listen to all of them. There are a lot of flaky prophetic words floating around out there in cyberspace. But hearing from God through prophets is the lesser of the two options. What you hear from prophets can often be diluted and polluted.


God gives us two choices in 2 Chronicles 20:20 in reference to developing your spiritual senses and your 20/20 spiritual vision. The word prosper used here is the inferior of the two options. It is the less significant and less important promise. The way it is put here (hearing God through prophets); it means to push forward with hard work and contention. It’s the opposite of resting in the Lord. It means to move ahead by the sweat of your own brow and strenuous labors. It is like shoveling snow in a blizzard! The scriptural connotation is to work hard to make something happen. It’s exactly the opposite of resting in the Lord.


When I was in heaven (in the vision that I shared with you earlier) with Jesus, He said, “Tell My people to be diligent to enter into My rest.” The choice is yours. You can still chase down prophetic words for your life and possibly make it into the Promised Land. However, is possible that you may not receive God’s best for your life and sphere of influence in the now (in this lifetime). However, there is hope! The choice is yours. I believe in the prophets, but I believe God speaks very clearly from scripture on this issue. Perhaps, there is an unhealthy focus on prophetic ministry at this hour? Selah.


The Ruach of God


God wants us to be diligent to enter into His rest so that we can be established by His Spirit. He wants us to allow the Spirit of God or the Ruach (breath) of God to work on our behalf. And that’s exactly what happened with Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:20. They sought to hear the voice of the Lord and the Lord spoke to them clearly concerning their dilemma and gave them wisdom and divine plans to overcome the dark and evil storms at their doorstep. (Yes, that prophetic word was given by a prophet) [Hebrews4:12].


It was not by their might, or by their military strength; it was not by their personal strength, nor by their intellectual plans; but the victory came through and by the Spirit or Ruach of God. They heard the Lord. And they plundered the demonic storm. The key was hearing from God directly for themselves. Some of you are at the right place at the right time to have your spiritual eyes and your spiritual ears activated. Some of you are going to have visitations and visions of God. Some of you are going to be visited in your dreams by the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Lord will give your direction and plans for your own lives.


When we hear God through His prophets, we can prosper; we can settle for the lesser or lower grade promise of the two blessings, or the twin blessings, which we see in 2 Chronicles 20:20. It is fantastic to listen to God’s prophets as they hear from the Lord. But if we try to hear God through God’s prophets, we have to work through, we have to plow through, and we have to come to a place of prosperity and victory by the sweat of our own labors. The victory is gained by the strenuous efforts of our own work, and the sweat of our own brow.


A Better Plan


But God has given us a better plan. God says when we learn to see Him and to hear Him clearly, we will be established. When we learn to rest in the Lord, God will speak to us clearly as individuals and give us His divine plan and purposes for each of our lives.


Are you still struggling to bring prophetic words to pass in your life? Have you ever considered that the prophetic word that you are seeking to bring to pass by your labors and works may be just plain wrong? Allow me to say that over the past two decades I have seen many more incorrect prophecies than I have seen true and correct prophesies. How about you? Have you ever considered, judged, or tested the prophetic words that you have received individually? A lot of times people work and labor and strive and contend to have those prophetic words come to pass. But it’s the lesser of the two promises. Once you forget the prophetic word and seek to hear God for yourself, ascend into the heavenly realms to discern the intercessory prayers of Christ, watch how much easier life becomes. Watch how much freer the finances flow. Watch how much less demonic opposition you have. Watch how the word of the Lord (this includes scripture and the words that the Spirit speaks into your heart) flow and come to pass effortlessly; like a beautiful summer sunset. Hear God! Rest in Christ’s victory for you.


When you begin to hear the Lord clearly for yourself, you start the process of allowing God to establish you by His Spirit according to the principle of Zechariah 4:6.


"This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' Says the LORD of hosts.


Then God fights our battles for us. We need to be diligent to enter in and initiate this supernatural exchange in our lives. I believe that’s why the Lord told me to tell the Body of Christ to be diligent to enter into the rest of the Lord. He didn’t say, “Battle the demonic opposition.” He didn’t say, “Work and get yourself prepared for the worst”. He didn’t say, “Hoard food!” (However, If the Lord told you to do that, that’s great.) The Lord told me to tell you to “rest” in Him. Learn to rest in total victory that Jesus Christ won for you on Calvary.  In part five of this teaching we will look at how to activate this supernatural dynamic in your life AND WALK IN 2020 20/20 spiritual vision.


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