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  1. Growing in the Holy Spirit mp3

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    Learn how to embrace the Holy Spirit and have the Holy Spirit minister for and to you as a Friend! Learn More
  2. The Seer Anointing & Discerning the Glory Realms

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    In this powerful double Mp3 message, "The Seer Anointing & Discerning the Glory Realms" Kevin Basconi teaches biblical principles concerning the seer anointing and How the Lord is opening up the realms of glory to his people at this hour.We believe that the same supernatural miracle working power of God in the meetings is attached to this audio recording! Perhaps you can receive your miracle or healing as you listen. Perhaps you can receive impartation to discern the glory realms as you listen to this message and receive the prayers and declarations of activation. Learn More
  3. HTWWGA 2

    In this message Kevin shares a testimony about a powerful visitation of an angel "that serves" which occurred on June 5th 2010. During this visitation Kevin was given revelation about the duties and ministries' of God's angels. God's angels are sent to minister alongside us as our fellow servants and co-laborers of our Divine King, Jesus. Once you begin to understand this dynamic of angelic ministry this knowledge can revolutionize your life and transform your current circumstances. Learn More
  4. Mp3 - The Season of The Double Doors of Breakthroughs

    We believe that as you listen to this timely prophetic message that the Lord can open the double doors of breakthrough in your life and pour out a double anointing, a double grace, and double portion into your life and into your sphere of influence. Many were healed, delivered, and set free during the spontaneous worship on this Mp3, and we believe that as you listen you can access the heavenly doors of the Kingdom of heaven and open them over your life by faith. Learn More
  5. Discerning The Accuser of the Brethren Mp3

    In this MP3, Overcoming The Accuser of the Brethren, Kevin shares a powerful teaching that can help you to live in the fullness of Christ's Atonement. Many people in the Body of Christ are living far below the level that God has for them. In addition many ministries and churches also struggle to overcome and to live in supernatural abundance. Learn More
  6. Mp3 Understanding How To Activate The Seer Anointing In Your Life

    In this updated MP3 teaching on the seer anointing Kevin shares more revelation and insights with you about the anointing to see! As the engrafted children of God we have received a supernatural inheritance that was released to us at the instant the Messiah, Jesus Christ, rose form the dead to release resurrection power to each of His people. We can learn to live our lives in this resurrection power. One small part of this Kingdom dynamic is the understanding of how to tap into the seer anointing. You can live with the comprehension of the seer anointing. You can be aware of how easy it is to employ this spiritual gift. This extended teaching and prayer of activation can help you to release your God given seer gift and understand how to use the seer anointing in your everyday life to live in victory and resurrection power. Learn More
  7. M P 3 11 Ways God Is Speaking To You Today #2 The Still Small Voice

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    These lessons look that these topics: Lesson # 1 - The Word of God Lesson # 2 - The Still Small Voice Lesson # 3 - Being Led By The Spirit Lesson # 4 - The Inward Witness Of The Holy Spirit Lesson # 5 - The Inward Voice Of The Holy Spirit Lesson # 6 - The Authoritative Voice Of the Holy Spirit Lesson # 7 - The Authoritative Voice Of The Son Lesson # 8 - The Authoritative Voice Of The Father Lesson # 9 - Dreams Lesson # 10 - Trances & Visions Lesson # 11 - The Gift of Prophesy, Spiritual Gifts, & Signs and Wonders Learn More
  8. MP 3 A Practical Guide to Spirit Filled Christianity #2 The Doctrine of Love

    In this message we lay a foundation concerning absolute importance of the Love of God to activate the gifts of miracles and healings in your life, and illustrate how easy it is for you to minister in these anointings of the Holy Spirit when walking in the God kind of Love. We pray that you will be transformed into the very image of Jesus and learn to walk in the greater works that the Messiah encourages you to do through this teaching series. Learn More
  9. Overcoming Demonic Oppression Yokes of Darkness, and the Spirit of Rejection Mp3

    This digitally re-mastered double MP3 teaching is designed to set you free from demonic oppression as you listen to it. In fact, we feel strongly that this teaching series can minister to you and help the Body of Christ to be set free from ungodly beliefs, ungodly soul ties, generational curses, demonic oppression and the spirit of rejection. Learn More
  10. Testimonies of Angelic Encounters-Mp3s

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    Special Price: $6.99

    Over the years God has graciously allowed Kevin to see and interact with angels many times. In these messages Kevin shares 20 testimonies of angelic visitations that he has experienced over the past decade. The Lord is still releasing angels to impact the lives of ordinary people today. You can benefit from understanding how to co-labor with God's angels, and these testimonies reveal several scriptural principles that can help activate angelic ministry in your life. Learn More

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