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Reports of Death Greatly ExaggeratedBy Kevin Basconi

Reports of Death Greatly Exaggerated




Feeling a bit like Alfred Hitchcock or Samuel Clements (Mark Twain) at the moment.

(Creepy - Smile).

Recently we have received emails and phone calls seeking information about my recent death.

Allow me (Kevin Basconi) to state; I am not dead, but I am risen!

Also...The Savior is Risen and we shall all (as believers of Jesus Christ) rise too! (Some before we die a physical or bodily death).

Allow me (Kevin Basconi) to state; The ministry is still operating and working to preach the gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth through the School of Higher Learning: (Click Here to listen to over 300 hours of free Gospel messages)

The ministry is still blessed to feed and help care for all five of the orphanages that we have established in Tanzania.

Currently, I am RIP....Resting in the Lord in Peace!

That means praying and seeking the Lord during the Covid 19 (Beer Virus illusion) Pandemic.

I recommend that you seek the Lord at this time and learn to rest in His peace too,,,(rest in the Lord). Perhaps you may wish

Clicking HERE for info on that process.


Seek the Lord during this oppertune time


Blessings, Lord willing we will see you all around the campus (earth) soon.


Kevin (Not dead) Basconi