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Touched by the Holy Spirit reading Seer BookBy Staff

Dear King of Glory:

This morning I finished reading Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing book I.

Even before I got to the Prayer of Activation at the end...but then I had been praying the prayers in the book over myself for the last couple weeks I’ve been reading the I read the testimony in the Epilogue the power of the Spirit began to wash over me, and fill me, and surround me, and minister to me. I just sat basking in the Presence of the Lord. I asked, sought, and knocked and believe I received activation and impartation as I sat.

I want to be chronologically and geographically obedient. I want ALL that He has for me. And I want to thank you for I know you will be praying for me to receive that confirmation or a different time frame if I’ve heard wrong.

Thank you for writing the books. I’m ready to go into book II.

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