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Blessed by Kevins Testimonies and BooksBy Staff

Angelic Testimony

I have been blessed to be a part of the body of Christ for a number of years.

In my relationship with God, I am graced to walk in divine health after a Lupus diagnose. I have been healed ( from infertility, and I have been divinely blessed in the Real Estate arena.

The list of God’s blessings and mercy are long and extensive to include deliverance from “Hidden” substance abuse, an abusive childhood/relationship (s) and the list goes on!

However, I reached out today to share my experience and testimony of the blessing manifested through the chapter on: Angels of Provision.

I have had at least (7) known angelic encounters for which I am aware in my life. So, it was not a stretch for me when God laid it on my heart to start studying the subject of angels.

I immediately got about the hunt to find the “Golden Egg.” I knew God wanted to deposit something in me forever. Thus, the hunt begun and I read at least 3 books on the angelic, but I still had a hunger.

I had a thirst that was not satisfied. No golden egg!

Therefore, I continued to seek reading material. I was in the bookstore one day searching the shelves and praying: “God what is it…where is it?” I sat on the floor and just prayed for a few minutes. When I was getting up, I saw your book!

It has blessed me greatly and helped to answer a lot of questions that I have had about God’s angels.


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