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Vision of the Golden EaglesBy Staff

Vision of the Golden Eagles


I was looking at the ministry web page for King of Glory Ministries International as I had happened to come across the ministry on the internet.

I opened it up and listened to an Mp3 of Kevin and others sharing about a vision of golden eagles he had experienced in Kansas City.

In the vision Kevin witnesses a massive mountain and mentioned that he was sitting on a ledge with Jesus in the heavenly places when he experienced  the eagles nest vision.

Kevin said that the Lord told him to encourage His people to learn to soar and to roar. (This happened in 2007).

I have recently attended a gathering in Dallas Texas, and the worship leader also told of a vision that he experienced a few months ago concerning a massive eagle soaring over and then landing in Houston, Texas.

The Lord told me in 2001 that He was gathering his eagles in the Dallas area. He spoke to me about bringing a group of eagles to an event center. Eagles are very important in the prophetic.

In 2013 in Jerusalem the Lord spoke to me that He was beginning to pour out golden oil upon the earth like Zechariah 4.

I was very encouraged by this word about the golden eagles and learning to soar and to roar!

Pam D. (Psalm 122:6-7).

To learn more about this prophetic vision read Kevin’s Seer Trilogy.

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