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Pastor received an increase in discernment reading booksBy Staff

Hello Pastor Kevin:

I am the Senior Pastor of Miracle Life Arena Church in Gulu, Northern Uganda where you came in 2006.

I count myself blessed and favoured to be given 4 of your books by a friend from UK which include All the 3 on the Reality of Angelic Ministry Today and Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing.
I am just in book One on the Angelic Ministry Today and many of my questions are being answered.
Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit to be used by Him to write these books.
In fact I have began to perceive and feel angelic activities around me like never
I feel fresh breeze in my prayer closet and also their touch on my shoulder some times.
Please pray for me to manifest the Seer Anointing and to have 3rd Heaven experience so that I may fellowship with God better and be a better minister more better.


kind regards
Pastor J..Gulu Uganda
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