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Gluten Intolerant Healed Reading BookBy Staff

Kevin Basconi shared a story in one of his books I read about a man eating a bag lunch while everyone else was served steak. He was apparently gluten intolerant and brought his own food.

I read that and could so relate having been on a totally Gluten Free diet for over 8 years. When I would eat the slightest amount of anything with wheat, rye or barley, I would get sick with many various symptoms.

Anyway, Kevin included a prayer in that chapter, which I simply read out loud and didn’t think much about it for a while after that. But little by little, I’ve been “testing the waters” and I seem to have a new gut! I am delighted as is my husband D because this has been a real joy stealer for our family for way beyond 8 years while I struggled with digestive issues and pain.

I’m working on renewing my mind now to reprogram all the bad confessions and admittedly some fear about what may happen if I eat normal. I am thankful to Jesus and to Kevin for his continued obedience! It’s been a couple months now and I am thankful to be healed!

Praise Jesus!