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School of the Prophets Coming Soon!By Staff

This is an important announcement from

King of Glory Ministries International!

We are sending out this very important announcement to you along with some important dated information concerning our upcoming Heaven Touching Earth gatherings for 2019!

The upcoming School of the Prophets

A International ministry will be launching a new School of the Prophets right here in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. This new hands on school will be your opportunity to come and to learn from powerful international prophets and ministers who will be teaching and training you personally (one on one) in teaching, activation, training, and impartation sessions right here in the very heart of Moravian Falls, North Carolina! King of Glory Ministries International encourages you to be part of this new school and what will be taking place here in Moravian Falls.

Look for an important and formal announcement about this newly birthed School of the Prophets at our Heaven Touching #19 Gathering – Prophetic Glory Explosion!  

This is your opportunity to come to Moravian Falls and be trained, equipped and personally mentored!

Important Announcement #2

As you may be aware in 2019 King of Glory Ministries International is celebrating 10 years of hosting powerful events. This year we will host Heaven Touching Earth #19, June 6-9, 2019 (To see more info on this event – “Prophetic Glory Gathering with Prophet Charlie Shamp and Gary Beaton CLICK HERE and be sure to look for digital discount coupons when you register online for this important event).

The entire King of Glory Ministry Family have experienced such wonderful times fellowshipping with the thousands of you who have attended these Heaven Touching Earth events over the last ten years. Thank you so much for attending! We want to announce that this will be the last year that King of Glory Ministries International will be hosting the Heaven Touching Earth gatherings.

In fact, Heaven Touching Earth #20 will be our last event for the foreseeable future.

We have decided to take a break from hosting conferences, and we intend to focus on itinerate ministry in the upcoming years. We also plan to continue to support the five children’s homes that we have helped to build in East Africa through this work and the ongoing contributions of our faithful partners! We also hope to continue the support the poor in Israel as we move into this new season.

To help with this ongoing work by making a tax exempt donation please CLICK HERE.

To learn more about these children's homes and our humanitarian work Click HERE.

Plan to Attend

Please plan on attending and making it to one of these three final Heaven Touching Earth events in 2019. As a ministry we are now entering into a transitional period. Of course, Kathy and I will still travel and minister as we have for the last eighteen years. However, itinerant ministry and travel will now make up the majority of our ongoing ministry. This year we plan and hope to minister in Italy and Turkes and Caico and in several states in the USA.

Thanks to our partners and the faithful support for the Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning which continues to reach around the entire earth with FREE Christ Centered Mp3 messages from our digital on-line Bible School.

The Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning; Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth from the very heart of Moravian Falls, North Carolina!

To visit the online school Click HERE.

Please visit by surfing to the school’s digital campus to see what is new in Mp3, Video and written messages! Once again, we I hope to see you at one of our final events this year. In the meantime, please feel free to invite Kathy and I to come and speak in your event or in your church as we move into 2019 and into 2020!

Below is a list of our final 2019 events.

June 6-9; Heaven Touching Earth #19 – Prophetic Glory Explosion; with Charlie Shamp, Kevin and Kathy Basconi and Gary Beaton. We are blessed to have Julie Meyer coming from California to lead us in worship. (Please see our events tab for more information on this upcoming event and look for digital discount coupons for the event). For more info CLICK HERE.

July 18-21; School of the Seers and the Supernatural #3 – with Dr. James Maloney, Robert Ward, and Kevin and Kathy Basconi. Worship with Psalmist David Salinas (look for digital discount coupons for the event online). For more info on this School f the Seers CLICK HERE.

August 29-September 1; Heaven Touching Earth #20 – Miracles, Signs and Wonders Partner Event. This is our 5th and final partner’s event! Remember, you do not have to be a partner to attend, but partners can attend at no cost [FREE]. (Partner- you still need to register – Call Christine to register via phone as this event may sell out again!).

This year we will have Alberto Rivera back to lead worship. Speakers include Katie Souza (who was just featured in Chrisma magazine), Pastor Tony Kemp, and Kevin and Kathy Basconi. The Lord released so many miracles and healings at this event last year that I was truly amazed by His goodness! (Again, look for discount coupons for all of our 2019 events in each event listing on our events page). For more info on Heaven Touching Earth #20 CLICK HERE.

Exciting News!

Also, remember to look for a lot more exciting news concerning the School of the Prophets launching here in Moravian Falls soon! Remember we will be making a public announcement about this new school of the Prophets at our Heaven Touching Earth #19 Gathering~! Hope to see you there!

Kevin Basconi


King of Glory Ministries International