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Praise ReportBy Staff

My aunt and I attended Kevin Basconi’s 2018 Heaven Touching Earth Conference.  It changed my aunt’s life!!!  At the conference, my aunt wore a mask over her nose most of the time because of pain and irritation.  She told her testimony at the Conference that she was injected with a chip (by her previous employer) against her will.  The chip causes her great pain with various symptoms.  Katie ministered to her as the pressure decreased in her face and nasal cavity.  On the way home, I lent my aunt some of Katie cds…THE HEALING SCHOOL, BANKING IN THE GLORY, THE GLORY LIGHT OF JESUS, etc.  In addition, I lent her some of Kevin and Tony’s cds.  For the past three weeks, she has been stuck on the Healing School.  She has listened to it three times and has discovered she inadvertently overlooked information.  She plans to listen to it again. 

I gave my aunt a guide I put together…getting the soul healed.  It comprises of Katie’s cds and YouTube videos.  In the beginning, she read all 18 pages daily but didn’t understand the necessary steps she needed to follow.  Once she understood the process, she practiced it daily until she got a feel of how it works for her.  These are some of her following dreams and visions:

About three weeks ago, my aunt told me she had a dream of four bright flashing lights (lined up side-by-side).  The bright flashing lights had rays beaming from the sides and all around.  I told her that was a great dream and go to step three and command the demonic to leave because something was healed in her life.  In another dream, she told me she was walking down the stairs to a basement.  When she got to the basement, the room was dark.  She saw a bright light beaming over a large (rain) shower head in a shower.  The light captured her attention as it beamed on the water.  She noticed water was gushing out of the shower head, heavily.  The light and the gushing water were at an angle.  I told her God wants to wash and cleanse her and to keep soaking in praise and worship.  In another dream, she walked up to a door, opened it, and walked through.  As she was walking, she had a strut in her walk like she knew where she was going.  I told her that was as EXCELLENT dream because she is walking somewhere good, and she has to see where God takes her when she gets to the other side of the door.  While soaking to praise and worship music, she saw a vision of a red traffic light and shortly later, shark teeth.  I told her the enemy wants to stop and intimidate her, but she needs to continue what she is doing. 

 I talked with her today and she blew my mind!!!  She told me on yesterday, WHILE soaking in praise in worship, she saw herself in a vision in a bathtub.  When she turned over onto her stomach, she saw beneath her in the bottom of the bathtub, a dead creature, with long horns.  The horns were curled under, to some degree.  The creature looked like it was crushed, pressed, or/and mashed to death.  Its legs were twisted.  It had a long face because of the distance from its eyes to its mouth.  She said even though it was dead and crushed to death, its horns was still in tack.  I told her that was an amazing dream because it happened in the spirit.  Her soaking in praise in worship for weeks literally broke something off her.  I told her to go to step three and command the demonic to leave to be sure, even though it was dead (to make sure! lol).

My aunt has made GREAT progress in three weeks!!!  She is no longer afraid to leave the house for fearing people are following her.  Now, when she feels someone is following her, she writes down license plate numbers.  She now states as people are following her, they quickly drive away after she writes down their tag numbers.  It used to upset her when she smelled sulfur coming through her apartment vents or her cd player skips when listening to Christian music.  Now, it doesn’t faze her.  She will let the cd player continue skipping while soaking.  Now, my aunt is BOLD, COURAGEOUS, and has a new lease on life.  She soaks in praise in worship for 2 to 4 hours daily, and God normally shows her something in visions.  Currently, my aunt looks at her experience will help others, and it is not just about her.  There are millions of people who are suffering who are helpless and hopeless as she was four weeks ago...before she attended the Conference.  

Before the Conference, my aunt normally did not dream or could not recall her dreams.  At this point, she journals her dreams and visions.  I am VERY proud of her!  I explained that before she can go to the COURTROOMS OF HEAVEN and asks for justice and punitive damages, she first has to get her soul healed.  God helps me to interpret her dreams and visions as my knowledge and comprehension increases. God is sooooo amazing...thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!