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Woman Healed of Deafness by Residual Synchronicity GloryBy Staff

I attended the Global Fire Prophetic meetings in Nashville, Tennessee in February, 2018 with Jeff Jansen, Charlie Shamp, and Kevin Basconi.

When I came back to the hotel there was gold fine dust all over and in my clothes and hair. The glory of God was so strong (especially going through the glory impartation line) at the end of the prophetic conference! It was all I could do to keep standing and trying to walk forward.

Since that night when I went to work the next morning there was a lady couldn't hear because her hearing aids were broken. So I prayed for her, and it seemed that nothing happened. She could not hear me. So I prayed again as we were taught and, so I said Holy Spirit come she needs to hear. Then I touched her ears again and she could hear.

She thought her hearing aids had been fixed & put back in her ears. I said no, Jesus just healed your ears. I walked behind her and she could hear me talk to her.

No hearing aids!


I expect more of this for His glory!

Deborah G.