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Deaf Ear Healed at the under the Big Tent in Moravian Falls!By Staff

Hope all is well with you at King of Glory.


This testimony is long overdue to share. Last year during the one of tent meetings at Moravian Falls my deaf left ear was healed.


It was at night. Munday Martin was speaking. He called out several words of knowledge for healing. One was a deaf left ear. 


Well the prayer line was long. While I was waiting Kevin got up and went to the keyboard. He started pressing random notes on the keyboard. 


I felt like I was inside the notes Kevin was playing. I was in heaven in the music when  "My ear popped open"!


Praise God.


Thank you Jesus!


We left my daughters Nadira, Shamila and their kids to go back to Fort Mill.


I went on to minister in Florida at three different  places from north to south, including a high security governmental area. 


I was so happy I could hear properly again!


So, please encourage Kevin to Randomly Play Heavenly Notes.


Love you all.



Indira P.

Fort Mill, SC