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More Healings In Cincinnati Ohio!By Staff

Hello Kevin, Kathy, Robert, Christine & Chuck;
    We hope you had a Glorious Easter & Celebration of Resurrection Sunday. It is a wonderful time to Praise and Worship our God & Savior for all They Have Done for us. Hallelujah !!
    We also wanted to Thank ALL of You for the ministry you provided and the love & presence of the Lord that you helped bring into the "Seer Gathering" here in Cincinnati. Your gracious conduct and joyful service as you all ministered in your unique ways was so special and loving; and all the guests were touched and brought closer to an intimate relationship with our Lord.
    Dozens were healed and we all have grown in our ability to see & hear in the spiritual realm, and to act on what the Lord wants us to do. Your willingness to allow Brian Adams to join in the ministry time also, was just an added benefit that kept the ministry time fresh with each of your uplifting styles.
    We also want to thank you for your tithe check back into the 'Healing Rooms of Cincinnati-North" ministry. We are very appreciative and it will be used to continue touching guests weekly as they receive the Lords Healing, as well as support future healing & spiritual growth events.
    Again Thank You All for coming and sharing of your talents. We enjoyed getting to know each of you somewhat better and were Blessed because of you.
Bob & Carla Fritz
Directors of the Healing Rooms of Cincinnati-North  

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