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Tumor Healed In Cincinnati OhioBy Staff

At last year's April conference with Kevin Basconi and Jeff Jansen in West Chester (Cincinnati) Ohio I was healed at the conference!

Kevin had called for women who had tumors or cancer in their breast to come to the front of the church and the rest of people at the conference pray for them.

 I had forgotten that I had a small bb sized lump under my arm pit by breast, which is part of my mammary glands and so I did not come forward to get prayer for a healing from the Lord that meeting.

I did pray for the women there in the front. I did not know I was healed until I came home that Sunday after the conference when I took my shower and my bb lump was GONE!  Glory to GOD!! 

I would not recommend people not coming forward when a word of knowledge is called out for a healing but to come forward as an act of faith for their healing. 

I am just glad Holy Spirit knows my needs when I forget I have them! 

I thank the Healing Rooms of North Cincinnati for hosting these conferences.

Sincerely, A