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Blessed & Activated at School of Higher Learning Event!By Staff

Hey Kevin, We wanted to share this brief testimony and it is something that we wanted to pass along to you.

My friend Mike and I drove to Moravian Falls from Indianapolis for your meeting in Moravian Falls to attend the Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning Shabbat Meeting on March 17th, 2017.

We absolutely loved being with you all. And you prayed over us with impartation and activation of the seer anointing, and both of us were powerfully impacted. Your words to me were confirmation of what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me for the last six months.

Then we allowed the King of Glory Team to pray and to prophesy over us. I can't remember their names?  I am usually very hesitant about personal prophesy, but I trusted you and felt that the environment was a safe place to receive being that you have allowed the Lord to create there, so I went to them. The words they spoke over me were even more confirmation. They spoke things into me that only the Lord could have revealed.

The trip back to Indiana was powerful. Several times the presence and glory of the Lord manifested in our car and was thick, and heavy revelation and understanding came out between us.

So, thanks so much. I'm sure we will be back again. It's a long drive, but totally worth it. And we are praying for you.

Bless you,

G. Indianapolis