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Two Angels on Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls – Part TwoBy Staff

Two Angels on Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls

– Part Two~

Searching for Angels

The hair on my left arm stood on end, and I was taken into one of the same visions that I had seen three weeks earlier. Only this time the revelation I was receiving was much more detailed. As the men and Kathy spoke, I just focused on the vision and sought to remember every detail that I was seeing in the spirit concerning the fourth man. (Again, I was spiritually multitasking.) I knew that these men had returned to Moravian Falls from South Carolina with their friend and were hoping to see us again. They had been on the prayer deck most of the morning. The main guy continued to stare at Kathy and me with a weird look in his eyes. I also knew by revelation that the Holy Spirit had told him that if they came back they would, indeed, see Kathy and me. He was also told by the Holy Spirit that we would have a prophetic word for the fourth man (the man with the blue windbreaker) that would really help him through a rough time, and bring healing into his broken heart.

After some small talk the one man said these exact same things, and that was the open door to share what I had seen in the vision. Everything that I shared from the vision was 100 percent accurate (according to the man’s testimony). As I prayed for the fourth man, he received a physical healing and was set free from emotional bondage. He began to weep as the anointing of the Holy Spirit was washing over him and setting him free. Finally he pulled back his hood and we saw him smile for the first time. He was amazed that I knew the details of his situation. Knowing the secrets of his heart made him feel safe and secure that the things we were sharing with him were of God. You see, He was not sure about his relationship with the Lord. In fact, he was not walking with Jesus at the time. But by God’s grace, he started walking closer to Jesus after the prayer and ministry time on Prayer Mountain.

The presence and glory of God began to wash over the prayer deck as the man was receiving his healing and deliverance. The glory increased and peaked as the man began to praise the Lord for his healing. I sensed that it was time for Kathy and me to descend down the mountain (mission completed). We said our goodbyes. The leader of these four continued to look at Kathy and me with a wide-eyed crazy expression that made me wonder what he was thinking. We shook hands with them all. The man with the blue windbreaker insisted on hugging us too. It seemed that he held on to me as long as he could. When we broke our embrace, I looked into his green eyes and saw Jesus. I knew that he had just experienced a life changing encounter there on Prayer Mountain. In my spirit I praised Jesus and gave Him all the glory. Kathy and I turned and walked back up the little stone walkway and started to head down the path to Glory (the Ford Explorer).

Discerning the Holy from the Profane

Suddenly the leader of these four men ran up to me and Kathy. He still had that excited and crazy look in his eyes. His eyes were wide open and he blurted out, “I just gotta ask you one more question before you go!” I said, “Sure, what is it?” He said; “You’re driving a truck!” “Yes!” I said, “That is Glory.” His gaze grew even more animated and distraught (if that were possible). It seemed as if he were struggling to find the right words. So, I was very interested to hear what he was going to say next. It seemed like the presence of the Holy Spirit was falling upon us at that moment like a gentle rain. I thought to myself, “This is going to be good!” Suddenly the man blurted out: “You’re not angels, are you?” His eyes were now wide open and he gazed at Kathy and me with both fascination and intrigue. He was serious, and so was I. (I can understand why he might think that Kathy was an angel. She looks like one of God’s angels, but me?)

I answered him, “No, we are just friends of God. The Lord sent us here to minister to you because of your prayers and your faith.” We embraced for a moment and patted one another on the back. It seemed to me that he was squeezing me to check and see if I was real—you know, tangible and not angelic. I could tell that he was not sure or was having a difficult time believing what I had just said. He really wanted to believe that we were two of God’s angels there on Prayer Mountain. Our eyes locked for a moment and I smiled at him. His green eyes seemed to fall a bit as the reality of the situation finally sunk in. Then a crazy smile creased his face, and he said, “Well, I didn’t think that angels drove trucks. So that really threw me for a minute. But I really thought that you guys were angels the last time that we met you here.”

“You were right,” he said. “I told my friend that if he came with us we would probably see you, and that he would get a touch from God. So I got that part right anyway.” I smiled at him and we all laughed for a moment. As I was leaving I encouraged him by saying, “By the way, there are a lot of God’s angels around here on Prayer Mountain! Keep looking! Keep Believing! But remember, the most important thing is Jesus. Right?” He smiled as he turned to rejoin his friends and responded, “Right!”

The Keys to Glory

Kathy and I got into Glory to descend the mountain. I turned the key and Glory roared to life. I smiled and thought to myself, “That was one of the most amazing complements that anyone has ever given me!” He compared us to one of God’s angels; and in fact, his whole group actually believed that we were angels for three weeks! I suppose in a way we were functioning like one of God’s angels for a few moments there on Prayer Mountain, at least to those men from South Carolina. We certainly delivered a timely message from God to those guys.

Christ in You

Thinking back on it now, there was the time in Kelowna, British Columbia, at the Key of David Worship event. The Holy Spirit had told me to go and touch a man kneeling at the altar and smile at him. That seemed easy enough. When I touched the man on his shoulder he turned around to look at me and he also got the same kind of “crazy look” on his face and he eyes took on a look of wonder. His eyes twinkled and immediately he burst into tears and began to repent and call out to Jesus for salvation. Later he came to me privately and said, “I have been backslidden for several years. I was just praying to the Lord and told Him if He was real to reveal Himself to me. That is when I turned around to see who had touched my shoulder. When I looked at your face I literally saw Jesus standing there. You looked just like the Lord smiling at me.” I suppose that is the most wonderful complement that I have ever received. It was a “Christ in you, the hope of glory instant” (Colossians 1:27).

The reason that I am adding this last part is to encourage you. You see, it is true; it is literally possible that you may be the only Jesus that a person will ever see. So if the Lord leads you to do a simple act, don’t be hesitant to do it. Your obedience combined with the precious Holy Spirit can work together to transform a person’s life, whether it is on top a mountain or at a worship event. Let the Light of the world shine through you.

There is a teachable moment in these supernatural scenarios. We need to learn to discern. No matter what we discern about another person, this information needs to be applied with and through the love of God. Fortunately for the men on Prayer Mountain, we were being led by the Holy Spirit and blessed them. Remember that Jesus Himself said even the very elect might be deceived in the last days (Matthew 24:24). We need to learn to discern the Holy from the profane. When it comes to angelic visitations, you need to guard your heart and develop your spiritual discernment by reason of use. Because solid food belongs to those who are mature in Christ; that is those who have been diligent to use, develop, and exercise their spiritual senses enabling them to discern both the good (angelic realm) and the evil (demonic realms) (Hebrews 5:14). You see, both exist. However, God can and will protect you when you are walking in right relationship with Him. He can empower you and give you authority over every evil spirit or fallen angel (Luke 9:1). In closing, allow me to say that you need to employ wisdom should you choose to go searching for angels.

In the next chapter I will share another testimony about encountering God’s angels on Prayer Mountain. However, this next testimony is much more extreme and exciting. This angelic encounter gave me a powerful revelation that the Lord is surely still a supernatural God and continues to challenge our minds to test our hearts. You can discover just how genuine the reality of the supernatural is when the Kingdom of Heaven invades earth!


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