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Two Angels on Prayer Mountain in Moravian Falls, North CarolinaBy Kevin Basconi

Two Angels on Prayer Mountain

in Moravian Falls, North Carolina

There are times when groups of people see angels at the same time. It is also true that there are times that whole groups of people are not sure of what they see in reference to angelic ministry. In other words, it is possible to discern what we see or experience incorrectly. One very famous ministry leader once thought that God was visiting him. As he was seeking God in his new apartment, he saw a light appear in his closet over several days as he was fasting and praying. The closet doors had slats in them and the “supernatural light” came through the louvers. He bowed down in the fear of the Lord and worshiped the light. (He has often shared this testimony publically.) He said he felt quite foolish later when he discovered that the “supernatural light” was not the Lord at all. Rather, he discovered that the light on the water heater would periodically turn on to warm up the water. However, what he discerned to be God was just a LED light on the water heater! Therefore, we need to guard our hearts and learn to develop our spiritual discernment (1 Corinthians 2:14).

A Mysterious Star Appears

One of the well documented angelic visitations that was witnessed by a large group of people happened on June 11, 1933. About 2 p.m. an estimated 1,000 people were gathered at the Ohio River at the end of Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana, to watch new converts being baptized. As the minister was baptizing the seventeenth person (Edward Colvin), many people witnessed a yellow, green, and amber fireball falling from heaven. This heavenly being emitted a roaring sound and was radiating sparks and flames. In addition to this, the angel also disturbed and churned up the water of the Ohio River sending a fine midst of water into the air that reflected the colors of the rainbow around the ball of light. Some people described the supernatural light as a star.

The star appeared to then hover over the minister, and the angelic visitor spoke an audible message to the large crowd there on the riverbank. Many people panicked and ran. Others bowed down, and still others fainted. Of course, giving messages is the very nature of God’s angels and the Greek word for angel is aggelos, which means “messenger” (see Strong’s Greek Reference #32). Not everyone heard the message that the heavenly visitor spoke that day. An estimated one minute after this angel appeared, it shot back into the heavenly places from whence it came. Once the crowd settled down, the minister continued to baptize people until an estimated 200 people were baptized. The next morning the local newspaper ran an article about this supernatural angelic visitation with the accompanying headline: “Mysterious Star Appears Over Minister While Baptizing.”1

Two Supernatural Angelic Encounters

Not all angelic visitations that are experienced by groups of people are as dramatic as the last example. Here is another example. In 2008, Kathy and I experienced a series of supernatural encounters in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. As I like to share at our Schools of Higher Learning, at times our experiences can be “teachable moments” for others. This next testimony is an example of a “teachable moment” and it is also entertaining. Remember that scripture encourages us like this: “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels”(Hebrews 13:2). People often seek to entertain or search for angels. This is not always wise, but it is certainly scriptural. Kathy and I had been in our log home (the same one I shared about earlier in this book) for about 120 days. I was resting in the Lord in my prayer room one day when the Lord released an unction of the Holy Spirit upon me (1 John 2:20, KJV). I had a supernatural knowing that I should go up to Prayer Mountain.

As we were leaving our neighbor, Wayne from Cincinnati, stopped by and we invited him to go up the mountain with us. Since the road to Prayer Mountain is rather steep, we parked near the bottom and walked up to the prayer deck on the top. It was a nice seasonable day and the leaves were blowing around us as we covered the last 200 yards to the prayer deck.

Revelation by Vision

When we were getting close I saw that there was a group of three men on the prayer deck. Kathy suggested that we walk on by and walk down the mountain a little ways past the men and the prayer deck. However, as we started to pass the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said; “These men are the reason that I have called you here today.” So I told Kathy and Wayne that we were supposed to go over and minister to these men. As it turned out, the Holy Spirit intervened and our group began to minister to these three visitors to the area. They had come from South Carolina, as they had heard that people often have angelic encounters in Moravian Falls. When they searched the Internet, they found out about Prayer Mountain and decided to go there “searching for angels.” As I started to pray for the men, I discerned that one of God’s angels had moved to stand behind me. The atmosphere on the prayer deck became electric, and it was obvious to everyone that something supernatural was happening.

As often happens when this angel is near, the Holy Spirit supernaturally gave me revelation of the secrets of these men’s hearts. This revelation was in part “the still small voice” of the Holy Spirit and in part revelation by spiritual vision. As the vision unfolded before me, I saw certain aspects of these men’s lives and then just related what I saw to them. As Kathy, Wayne, and I prayed for them and ministered to them prophetically, they began to weep and were also powerfully touched by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

We demonstrated the love of God to them and stayed with them for about one-half hour after we prayed for them fellowshipping and discussing the goodness of God and His angelic hosts. At that point we just walked back down the mountain the way that we had come. The three of us were laughing and praising God as we crunched through the crisp golden leaves on the ground. I could have sworn that I also heard other footsteps walking with us as we departed Prayer Mountain. It seemed to me that the smell of honeysuckle was lingering in the cool mountain air wafting around the three of us too.

Getting into Glory

Three weeks later I was once again resting in the Lord in my prayer room in our log home there in Moravian Falls. I began to feel the heavens stir and once again the unction of the Holy Spirit rose up in me. I had a supernatural leading or knowing that Kathy and I were supposed to go back up on Prayer Mountain. By now it was about 2 p.m. on a gorgeous sunny day in Moravian Falls. I told Kathy what I was discerning. She immediately agreed to go. We both prepared ourselves and got into Glory. (You remember Glory, don’t you? Glory is our Ford Explorer with the license place “Psalm 24.”) We traveled the twelve miles up to the gravel road leading to Prayer Mountain and the prayer deck there. The higher we climbed, the stronger the glory became. No, I am not speaking of our Ford; I am literally speaking about the tangible presence and glory of the Lord (God’s glory)!

Somehow I knew that the Holy Spirit was taking us to another a divine appointment. I was right. I pulled Glory up to the end of the gravel road and parked there on Prayer Mountain. Kathy and I got out and began to saunter over to the prayer deck. Once again there were people there already, and Kathy once again wanted to walk right on by. Once again the Holy Spirit would not allow me to move past and I told Kathy as much. So, we turned down the little path and walked down the stone walkway to the prayer deck, there were four people there.

I was not surprised to find that it was the same three men we had met there three weeks earlier. The main guy or leader of these four looked at us like he had seen a ghost! Only this time they had a fourth guy with them who was sitting there with his head down. He was wearing a blue windbreaker. I had “seen” that blue windbreaker before. I immediately realized that I had seen this man three weeks earlier in a vision while standing on the prayer deck ministering to his other three friends. I had seen him with his head bowed in this same hooded jacket just like this three weeks ago even though he was not on the prayer deck that day. Once again, it was revelation by vision and the Lord began to refresh my mind with the previous vision. At the same instant I sensed one of the Lord’s angels moving closer to stand behind me once again.

Find out about the two angels that were seen on Prayer Mountain in the next chapter of this exciting new book!

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