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New York City Miracle TestimoniesBy Staff

Here are some other testimonies for King of Glory to keep for your record from your ministry with us in New York.

Lorretta, a student at NYCGSSM, was healed of a cyst.  It completely disappeared.  She felt the fire of God on it and immediately it was gone when you prayed for her.

During the service four women were healed of lumps/tumers on their breast.  Many went up for the altar call but four actually felt the lump/tumer disappear.

Many were healed from back pain.   One gentleman and one woman was completely healed of knee problems.    A gentleman struggled for years with pain and the pain instantly was gone. 

A curved spine was straightened for a young girl who had pain.  After you prayed for her all pain was gone.  Her spine was healed and she felt it straighten out.

It was an honor and pleasure to have Kevin Basconi join us for the first time here in Brooklyn, NY at the NYCGSSM and Gateway City Church.

Kevin brought a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit into our midst and brought a depth of God's Word through the preaching and ministry time.  

We first hand experienced and witnessed a move of God through the iraculous.  Lives were changed through signs, wonders, miracles and healing’s were released.  We were encouraged and by the power of the Holy Spirit we were thrusted to new heights and levels in the Kingdom through the Holy Spirit’s workings in you. 

Much love and blessings,

New York City Gatekeepers School of Supernatural Ministry

Pastor Ellen Vecchione