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Moravian Big Tent Revival Report - WEEK 1:By Staff

Moravian Big Tent Revival Report - WEEK 1:


This past weekend was the first week of the Moravian Falls Big Tent Revival. The big tent is set up at the Moravian Falls and is full of the glory and presence of God. Many people have remarked that they can “feel” the presence and holiness of God as they enter the tent.


We had wonderful and powerful meetings under the big tent this week. Evangelist Ankit Rambabu Jr along with the King of Glory team ministered Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. God was moving and we experienced many miracles signs and wonders. People were saved healed, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit under the big tent.




During the first weekend we were blessed to see 16 people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. After the Sunday morning 10am King of Glory Fellowship service we took people into the Moravian Falls and had a baptism time. By the grace of God we also received an offering for the Ebenezer’s Children’s home of Wilkes County to help with their work for underprivileged children in Wilkes County area.


After the Fellowship Service 19 people chose to honor God through the act of baptism, and the King of Glory team baptized these folks in the waters at the base of Moravian Falls. Over the course of the weekend an estimated 6 people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit according to their testimonies.


Miracles and Healings


The testimonies continue to come into the ministry of how the Lord touched and released revival into the lives of people who attended the Big Tent Revival. Our God is an awesome God and He did not waste time moving into the miraculous. Over the course of the first weekend we saw over 50 people receive healing and miracles (estimated). People who struggled with deafness and hearing loss receive restoration of their healing. Tumors dissolved (according to the testimonies).  We saw people with digestive and intestinal issues healed and set free, we saw people’s legs healed so they were able to give up their canes and walkers. One woman began to walk after coming out of her wheelchair. Another woman received the desire of her heart as she (according to her testimony) grew an estimated 2 inches in height during the Saturday afternoon meeting as the team prayed for this creative miracle!


First Fruits


Not only did God move through Evangelist Rambabu, but God also used the King of Glory ministry team powerfully. During the ministry time the ministry team had many different words of knowledge and watched as God was faithful to heal people. God moved on one family where three generations of women all struggled with insomnia and blood disorders and they were healed. A word of knowledge was released about unnatural hair loss and 5 different people came up who had lost hair due to cancer and chemotherapy. We witnessed several who instantly saw restoration of their hair’s strength (according to their testimonies).


This is only the first week of the Moravian Falls Big Tent Revival!


We invite you to make your plans now to come this week and join us under the big tent during the 12 days of Miracles and 4 Weeks of Glory at Moravian Falls!


This week Munday Martin from Contagious Love International will be ministering in the Big Tent at the Moravian Falls. Munday and his wife Jennifer are two of the evangelists that God has been using to steward the West Coast Rumble Revival which is an ongoing revival and outpouring that has been happening for several months in the Seattle, Washington area.


The Moravian Falls Big Tent Revival Meetings are scheduled to continue this week in the “Voice of Healing Model”. (Teaching meetings at 2pm and Miracle Services at 7pm).


Here is the tentative schedule for this week:


Wednesday & Thursday June 15th and 16th – Dailey Intercession (Schedule TBA). Call 336-818-1210 for more info.


Friday June 17th – 2PM Evangelist Chris Richardson – 7PM Munday Martin

Worship- David Salinas and Mat Reames and the Dreamers


Saturday June 18th – 2PM (TBA) – 7PM Munday Martin

Worship- Mat Reames and the Dreamers


Sunday June 19th – 10am Fellowship Meetings (Baptism to follow).

2PM (TBA) – 7PM Munday Martin - Worship- Mat Reames and the Dreamers


We encourage you to bring anyone that is sick, crippled, blind, deaf, broken, or in need of a touch from God, struggling with addiction and sin, call them, and encourage them to them to come. Invite them as your guest and get them to the Big Tent Revival! The glory and healing power of God is with us under the big tent and He is moving in a powerful way.


We will have services Friday through Sunday at 2 pm and 7 pm and a special Sunday morning service where we will take communion and baptize anyone who desires baptism. 


Come and get into the presence and glory of God under the Big Tent at the Moravian Falls!

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