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Vision of Angels Over MissouriBy Staff


May 17th, 2016
This is a vision I saw while I was on a plane returning to Kansas City from Moravian Falls, NC. I had been ministering and leading worship at the Heaven Touching !0 Gathering - Glory Explosion 5 with Kevin Basconi, Joshua Mills, and Munday Martin.
“As we were flying I looked out the window and at first all I saw were thick dark clouds. However as I looked, I began to see Angels flying across the clouds. They had the appearance of light, but not white light. Instead they had the appearance of Rainbow.
As I watched, the Lord spoke to me and said, this is Missouri and I am commissioning these angels to release my Seven-Fold Spirits across Missouri. 
These angels were moving very rapidly in every direction, but as they moved, the cloud formations were shifting. Instead of thick dark clouds they were becoming Light, white, and fluffy clouds. 
I recognized that as they moved, God was removing the cloud of confusion that has been over the state of Missouri and replacing it with the Cloud of His Presence and a cloud of Glory. 
Begin to look for the atmosphere to shift and for an ease of access into the heavenly dimensions. This will cause a fresh outpouring of the Miraculous in this region. 
I knew this was a word over the whole state of Missouri because I had this vision for a while possibly 20 minutes or more, but then as the weight of His presence began to lift the clouds dissipated below me and for the first time I was able to see where I was. I looked down and we were flying directly over Christ Triumphant Church in Lee’s Summit.”
God is preparing something big for this region. I knew that I had to share this word with you and I hope it is an encouragement to you.
Blessings to you all
- Mathew
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