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Moravian Falls Intensive Discipleship Gathering Jul 18 - Jul 22, 2018

Register for this event Cost: $250.00
Location Venue

King of Glory Equipping Center 1643 Moravian Falls Road
Moravian Falls, NC 28697


King of Glory School Of Higher Learning Event 

Moravian Falls Intensive Discipleship Gathering

Growing in the Supernatural!


Kevin and Kathy Basconi, along with the entire King of Glory team are glad to

Announce the first of our new Moravian Falls Intensive Discipleship events.

This event is designed to help you grow in your understanding of the supernatural aspects of the Kingdom of Heaven. You will have opportunity to fellowship and interact with the speakers and teachers personally each day. These meetings will feature:

Question and Answer sessions.

Activation and Impartation

Teaching and Ministry sessions.


Attendance is Limited

Will limit this set of teaching/Discipleship meetings to 12-40 people.

These intensive training meetings will be hosted at the iMEAC

(International Ministry Apostolic Equipping Center).

So Register Early – Limited Scholarships are available.

(Contact the iMEAC for details).



The goal is to equip people to live a supernatural lifestyle. The speakers will be teaching you how to effectively hear the voice of the Lord. Operate in the seer dimensions. Understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Understanding how to utilize the gift of prophesy correctly in your life and ministry, and much more.


Cost for this event is $250 per delegate

Enter Coupon Code - Growing

Before March 16th and save $125 on your registration.

Or register by phone – call Christine to register via phone at 336-818-1210.

Register now - Click HERE



King of Glory International Ministry Apostolic Equipping Center

1643 Moravian Falls Road

Moravian Falls, NC 28697




4-25 - Wednesday 7pm -

4-26 - Thursday 2pm - 7PM

4-27 - Friday 2pm - 7PM

4-28 - Saturday -2pm - 7PM

4-29 - Sunday -2pm -7PM



Kevin and Kathy Basconi are ordinary people who love an extraordinary God. They co-founded King of Glory Ministries International. They have a heart to share the gospel with the poor and, the Love of the Father to widows and orphans. They have visited 33 nations preaching the gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in churches, conferences, and crusade meetings. The ministry is punctuated by many miracles, healings, and signs & wonders that confirm the Word of God. They live in the mountains where they pursue a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus. Kevin is an internationally published author, and award winning artist. He the Author of several books including the trilogy "Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing" books 1, 2, & 3 and "The Sword of the Lord". Kevin's bestselling book, “Visitations of Angels and Other Supernatural Experiences Volume #1 & #2” are available through King of Glory Ministries International. Kevin has been graced by God to see into the spiritual realm for over a decade and often sees and discerns angelic activity. Kevin is called to equip the Body of Christ to operate in the "Seer Anointing", and to help people understand how to enter into the presence and glory of God.

Michael Danforth is the President and Founder of Mountain Top Ministries International in Yakima, Washington. Michael is a proven prophetic voice. He the author of numerous books including his new and the highly acclaimed book "Guardians of Spiritual Maturity. Michel and his wife Tamera live in Yakima and have a heart to raise up the Body of Christ to walk in maturity and in Kingdom revelation and power.



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