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Angels Miracles Signs and Wonders Gathering Sep 14 - Sep 16, 2017

Location Venue

The Upper Room Chapel 8409 Regency Parkway
Fort Mill, SC 29715

Angels, Signs, Wonders, & Miracles School

Learn how to work with God's angels in your life and sphere of influence.




                                                              THIS IS A FREE EVENT



We are now hosting this school  for 3 days only!

Thursday to Saturday at 7pm ONLY!




This intensive school is designed to help you to discover how God's angels are busily working on your behalf and to learn how you can co-labor with Gods angels! Learn how you can work with God's angels of supernatural provision and supernatural favor!

The Lord is ushering His people into a place where we will encounter His Kingdom in fullness. God is bringing His people to an “eternal crossroad” where we can literally taste and see the Lord is good. You were created to experience a personal friendship with the Lord. You can have influence and permission to enter into the heart and Kingdom of God. It has been given to you to know the hidden mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 8:10).

Kevin Basconi will be teaching and sharing years of revelation and practical examples that can help you learn to discern God's angels and learn how to operate in the seer anointing. Kevin and Kathy Basconi, will be personally teaching, equipping, and activating the saints to learn to see and discern angelic activity. Kevin will be sharing materials from trilogy of books; Visitations of Angels and Other Supernatural Experiences Series and the trilogy on the Seer Anointing-  "Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing" book # 1,  #2, & #3. 

King of Glory will have student manuals available to help you retain the biblical teachings on how you can learn to discern, see, and co-labor with God's angels as the Holy Spirit wills.

This will be a life changing biblically based school designed to help you learn more about God's angelic hosts!

We have come to a God-ordained time when the King of Glory is allowing His friends to see, hear, taste, smell, touch, discern, and understand the hidden mysteries of the heavenly realms. One of those amazing mysteries is our inherent ability to see our heavenly family; God’s angelic beings (Ephesians 3:14-21). You can learn to see and discern God’s angels who are busily working around you every moment of every day! This amazing school will help you learn and understand:

*Scriptural keys to activate your ability to see and discern God’s angels

*Supernatural keys to help you activate or loose God’s angels to work on your behalf

*The character and works of God’s angelic beings

*How to recognize and co-labor with God’s angels

*How to release and mobilize your guardian angel

*How to work with God's angels to release miracles and healings in your life

*How to work with God's angels to release Supernatural protection and provision in your life

Kevin and Kathy Basconi along with the whole the King of Glory team will also be praying for miracles, healings, and signs and wonders to be released at this supernatural school!

Come expecting to see and believe!


Kevin and Kathy Basconi are ordinary people who love an extraordinary God. They co-founded King of Glory Ministries International. They have a heart to share the Gospel with the poor and the love of the Father to widows and orphans. They have visited 30 nations, preaching the Gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in churches, conferences, and crusade meetings. The ministry is punctuated by many miracles, healings, and signs and wonders that confirm the Word of God. They live in the mountains of North Carolina where they pursue a lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus. 

Kevin is an internationally published author and award winning artist. He the Author of several books including the trilogy, The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today, books 1, 2, and 3 and "Unlocking The Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing", The Sword of the Lord are now available through King of Glory Ministries International. Kevin's newest book; Angelic Visitations and Other Supernatural Experiences #1 will be released soon!

Kevin has been graced by God to see into the spiritual realm for over a decade and often sees and discerns angelic activity. Kevin is called to equip the Body of Christ to operate in the "Seer Anointing," and to help people understand how to enter into the presence and glory of God.


Toni Bogart

Venue: The Upper Room Chapel



Thursday  09-14-17

Session #1 - 7pm

Friday  09-15-17

Session #2 – 7pm

Saturday  09-16-17

Session #3 – 7pm

 *Schedule is subject to change


The Upper Room Chapel

8904 Regency Parkway
Fort Mill, SC 29715


For more information or to register by phone please call:  

King of Glory Ministries International - 828-320-3502


God Bless you...and may the Lord of Glory make His Face to shine upon you! 


Kevin and Kathy Basconi,

King of Glory Ministries International


King of Glory Ministries International Reserves the right to refuse service or admission.