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Throne Room Worship MP3

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Join the saints as they worship God in spirit and in truth in a throne room encounter. During the Heaven Touching Earth Gathering #5 the heavens opened and many heard and saw angels as they joined into worship at the final meetings!

Throne Room Worship  MP3

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Regular Price: $4.99

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I have just returned from the Moravian Falls Heaven Touching Earth Gathering. I sit here this morning in utter amazement of the events of last evening at the impartation service - School of the Seers 2. To write about it almost seems to weaken it as Earth has no words deep and meaningful enough to express the mysteries of the Heavenly Realm. Our God is awesome! The entire group of us went up into the Realm of Glory together. WE WERE THERE. We touched, (literally could feel heavenly things with our hands), the heavenly realms. We were at the New Jerusalem and the gates would move occasionally putting us in front of a different one to experience different things. Each time the shift would occur, many people could discern it. We ended up worshiping in the throne room. We began to sing and worship in unity in that heavenly place. There was just one or 2 notes being played on the keyboard. But when that unified song began it was exhilarating. Many voices, angel voices joined in to sing with us. I felt exuberant, energized. The sounds began to flow out of me - one after another, hitting a crescendo and landing upon one repeated sound. All I could sing was "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY " and GLORY over and over and over. During this time I fell to my knees. The sounds rolling like waves from the throng of us. Kevin came over and gave me a microphone. So I sang. We all sang; in waves of sanctimonious sounds of harmony and unity. Holiness was all I could see or think. Never in my life have I known this kind of glorious and heavenly praise. It was surely the praise of Heaven, not of this world. Not songs...but an outflow of God's Spirit, the Holy Spirit. We somehow through God's grace tapped into a vein of GLORY. The vein we've searched for so long to find. We found it tonight! All other songs now pale when once we've sung beyond the veil. We entered into the Holy of Holys. I could have sung forever! I felt like I was BEING PLAYED as an instrument. Sometimes I would try to sing other things, but - I Couldn't. Ha! Just imagine the guitar or the flute jumping out of the musician's hand and playing itself - preposterous! To be there and sing in the place we all long to be is...Whew! There are just no words to describe what we experienced as heaven truly invaded earth last night. The SPIRIT kept telling me, "FREQUENCY - You are singing on the right frequency. Don't get off of it. It's not words here. It's sounds and they are like words." But it's not mental. These are spirit. Eternal conversations, taking place all over heaven. Constantly, Never ceasing. I saw us drawing back a sheer, a beautiful hanging veil, peering into the mysteries of Jesus' love. Then looking at the gems inside the heart of the Father. We went for over an hour though it felt like I could have kept going all night. Then something shifted and we were back on Earth again. THERE is where we are to be. We were created to worship God in spirit and in truth. We have been created to know the beauty of His Holiness UP THERE WHERE HE IS. That is our honor and a privilege. When we learn to exercising our spiritual senses we see more and enter there, into the heavenly dimensions, communing there with HIM. Afterwards I was in a fog. I saw the room but I felt not really there for a long while. All I could say was Thank you FATHER - Bless you LORD! I have had numerous dreams about singing like that. In the dreams there have been large numbers of people. Sometimes auditoriums and large meetings, other times street corners or confrontations with forces of darkness. In every dream it's been the same as what happened last night. I open my mouth and gaze up toward Heaven and out comes POWER and GLORY. Down come the sounds that shatter bondage of the heart, setting the captives free, and leading sinners to repentance. HALLELUJAH!!!! Merry Krammerer, Moravian Falls, NC

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