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Seer Trilogy Bundle Book 1,2,&3- Signed by the Author - Limited time ONLY!

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Signed by the author- Only $20.20 for 2020!
Learn how to see into the unseen realm and discern God's Angels! Get the entire Seer Trilogy for one great price! Now for a limited time only Get all three of these powerful books on the Seer Operation for one crazy low price RIGHT now!

Seer Trilogy Bundle Book 1,2,&3- Signed by the Author - Limited time ONLY!

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This is your opportunity to order Kevin's all three of Kevin's new books on the Seer Anointing! In this series Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing Kevin shares lots of scriptural understanding and Kingdom Keys that can help you to activate your seer gifting. The first book contains the teachings the revelations that the Lord has given Kevin over the last 12 year about the seer anointing. The Second book of this exciting trilogy, Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Seer Anointing and the Blessings of Psalm 24, Kevin Basconi continues to open up the hidden mysteries of the seer anointing. This book is a sequel to Kevin's first book on the seer anointing. In it he shares a set of powerful testimonies of angelic visitations and supernatural experiences that were released from the realms of Heaven. On February 25th, 2014 Kevin had a powerful visitation of the spirit of wisdom and revelation and was launched into a seer experience. During this time he was given keys to help the friends of God activate and unlock their inherent ability to see into the spiritual realms; the seer anointing. This amazing new book is a great read and it is full of Kingdom keys and revelation from Psalm 24 and other places that can help you to activate and accelerate the seer gift and anointing in your life. The Seer Anointing and the Blessings of Psalm 24 contains many prayers of activation and impartation to open the eyes of the readers understanding to both see and hear in a new way! In the third book of the trilogy Kevin shares a powerful prophetic encounters with Jesus on the Day of Atonement since 2007. Recently the Lord visited Kevin and reiterated a powerful message about the end times and the shaking that is transpiring throughout the earth. In this book, Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come, Kevin shares those powerful eschatological precepts with you. This book also outlines heavenly revelation that can help keep you safe and secure in the shaking and perilous times that are at hand. On September 14, 2013, (the Day of Atonement) Kevin experienced a supernatural encounter with the Kingdom of Heaven in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. The earth was literally shaking, and in that instant the Father spoke, saying; "Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven." During this visitation Kevin instantly received revelation about the end times and the powers of the age to come. The Creator of heaven and earth is releasing a shaking from His throne of mercy and grace. This shaking was preordained before the foundations of the earth were laid. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. We are currently living at an eternal crossroads when God is seeking the true sons and daughters to arise. The Lord is releasing a supernatural grace from heaven to step into hidden and mysterious aspects of Christ's Kingdom today that were not available to us before. There will be an increase our spiritual authority leading to a God-ordained ability to discern and to access the heavenly dimensions or "open heavens." From the heavenly places you can learn to obtain the spiritual blessings of the heavenly places in your life. (See Deuteronomy 28:12; Ephesians 1:3.) This powerful prophetic book scripturally explores these hidden mysteries of the Kingdom. The revelation in it can help empower the reader to develop their faith and to be transformed into overcomers by being properly positioned in the will of and in obedience to the Lord. Then God can empower you to live and minister in unusual levels of the power of God and in the powers of the age to come! For we are at an ordained moment of time when the Lord will begin to raise up and release people who will be empowered to discern and access the heavenly dimensions and minister in the same way that Jesus did (John 5:19). God will grant His friends delegated power and authority over spiritual gates (Matthew 16:19). This book can help you learn how to possess the gates of your enemies to walk in amazing grace and the favor of God (Genesis 22:17). Heaven is now invading earth more than ever because the veil between heaven and earth is thin and more transparent than at time in history! This graphic book also depicts numerous testimonies of visitations to the very throne room of God. It takes the reader on an amazing supernatural tour of the heavenly realms to see seraphim and cherubim, the heavenly hosts, and other weird spiritual creatures. Also included are depictions of encountering heaven on earth and incredible testimonies of being translated. It also shares testimonies of visitations to both heaven and hell in this fast paced book. These descriptions are amazing! God is preparing and raising up a remnant of mature sons and daughters of the Most High God who will know how to operate in amazing levels of the power of God (the power of the Trinity) as these supernatural invasions of heaven fill their time and space. God is releasing amazing wisdom and understanding concerning these hidden mysteries and the revelatory knowledge of Christ's Kingdom. This book shares some of those secrets. The Lord will hasten His people's ability to discover the secrets locked within the Canon of Scripture. God will also help His people discover spiritual truths concerning the Kingdom of Heaven and their ability and authority to access the heavenly realms to tap into and access the powers of God to be harnessed there. As we learn to develop our spiritual senses, we can grow and mature in our spiritual discernment. As our discernment becomes mature, we are transformed into mature sons and daughters of God (Hebrews 5:14). At times we will be released to recognize the hidden mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. One of the supernatural dynamics that is accelerating at this hour is the release and manifestation of open heavens, or spiritual gates, in our lives. When these spiritual gates or doors open there is a tangible access between the heavenly realms and the earthly dimensions. At times like this, we can see and hear what the Father is doing. Then, like Christ, we will do those things that we see our Father is revealing to us just like the Messiah, Jesus (John 5:19). You can access the blessings of Abraham in this way. This book makes it simple and easy for you to learn how to access your blessings in the heavenly places. We are living in a God ordained moment of time when the seer realm is being released by grace to God's friends (whosoever). This book is designed to help God's people unlock the hidden mysteries of the seer anointing in their lives by understanding the idiosyncrasies of the seer anointing in a Christ centered and sound biblical manner. It is a very through biblical teaching that also is replete with dozens of prayers of activation for the reader (seers).

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