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Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come - Seer III Book

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Reduced for a limited time...Shipping charges apply. Here is what some of Kevin’s Basconi’s friends are saying about this amazing eschatological book.
“Spiritual gates to heaven are being opened for God’s end-time sons and daughters. Kevin Basconi was taken to heaven to teach you how to access these gates”! Sid Roth, Host, "It’s Supernatural!”

Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come - Seer III Book

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Kevin Basconi has been experiencing powerful prophetic encounters with Jesus on the Day of Atonement since 2007. Recently the Lord visited Kevin and reiterated a powerful message about the end times and the shaking that is transpiring throughout the earth. In this book, Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come, Kevin shares those powerful eschatological precepts with you. This book also outlines heavenly revelation that can help keep you safe and secure in the shaking and perilous times that are at hand. On September 14, 2013, (the Day of Atonement) Kevin experienced a supernatural encounter with the Kingdom of Heaven in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. The earth was literally shaking, and in that instant the Father spoke, saying; "Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven." During this visitation Kevin instantly received revelation about the end times and the powers of the age to come. The Creator of heaven and earth is releasing a shaking from His throne of mercy and grace. This shaking was preordained before the foundations of the earth were laid. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. We are currently living at an eternal crossroads when God is seeking the true sons and daughters to arise. The Lord is releasing a supernatural grace from heaven to step into hidden and mysterious aspects of Christ's Kingdom today that were not available to us before. There will be an increase our spiritual authority leading to a God-ordained ability to discern and to access the heavenly dimensions or "open heavens." From the heavenly places you can learn to obtain the spiritual blessings of the heavenly places in your life. (See Deuteronomy 28:12; Ephesians 1:3.) This powerful prophetic book scripturally explores these hidden mysteries of the Kingdom. The revelation in it can help empower the reader to develop their faith and to be transformed into overcomers by being properly positioned in the will of and in obedience to the Lord. Then God can empower you to live and minister in unusual levels of the power of God and in the powers of the age to come! For we are at an ordained moment of time when the Lord will begin to raise up and release people who will be empowered to discern and access the heavenly dimensions and minister in the same way that Jesus did (John 5:19). God will grant His friends delegated power and authority over spiritual gates (Matthew 16:19). This book can help you learn how to possess the gates of your enemies to walk in amazing grace and the favor of God (Genesis 22:17). Heaven is now invading earth more than ever because the veil between heaven and earth is thin and more transparent than at time in history! This graphic book also depicts numerous testimonies of visitations to the very throne room of God. It takes the reader on an amazing supernatural tour of the heavenly realms to see seraphim and cherubim, the heavenly hosts, and other weird spiritual creatures. Also included are depictions of encountering heaven on earth and incredible testimonies of being translated. It also shares testimonies of visitations to both heaven and hell in this fast paced book. These descriptions are amazing! God is preparing and raising up a remnant of mature sons and daughters of the Most High God who will know how to operate in amazing levels of the power of God (the power of the Trinity) as these supernatural invasions of heaven fill their time and space. God is releasing amazing wisdom and understanding concerning these hidden mysteries and the revelatory knowledge of Christ's Kingdom. This book shares some of those secrets. The Lord will hasten His people's ability to discover the secrets locked within the Canon of Scripture. God will also help His people discover spiritual truths concerning the Kingdom of Heaven and their ability and authority to access the heavenly realms to tap into and access the powers of God to be harnessed there. As we learn to develop our spiritual senses, we can grow and mature in our spiritual discernment. As our discernment becomes mature, we are transformed into mature sons and daughters of God (Hebrews 5:14). At times we will be released to recognize the hidden mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. One of the supernatural dynamics that is accelerating at this hour is the release and manifestation of open heavens, or spiritual gates, in our lives. When these spiritual gates or doors open there is a tangible access between the heavenly realms and the earthly dimensions. At times like this, we can see and hear what the Father is doing. Then, like Christ, we will do those things that we see our Father is revealing to us just like the Messiah, Jesus (John 5:19). You can access the blessings of Abraham in this way. This book makes it simple and easy for you to learn how to access your blessings in the heavenly places. This is really the fruit of the acceleration of the gift of discerning of spirits or what some people call the gift of discernment. More and more people will be given the grace and the anointing or God-given ability to discern or see spiritual gates or portals of glory as they begin to manifest and invade our space as the return of Christ draws near. This amazing eschatological book can help you: * Learn how to prepare for the great shaking that is coming upon the heavens and the earth. *Learn about How God is releasing this shaking from His throne of Mercy and Grace. * Learn how to discern "open heavens" to release God's blessing in your life. * Learn how to expand the level of Kingdom power that you are entrusted with. * Learn how to prepare for the unprecedented outpourings of God's Kingdom, power, and glory. * Learn how to understand and minister in the mantle or anointing of Melchizedek. * Discover unusual spiritual creatures as described from the heavenly realms. * Learn how the Law of Observation helps you access the heavenly realms and the glory of God. *Unlock the unlimited blessings that God has kept back for you in the heavenly realms. * Learn how to discern to possess the gates of your enemies to walk in supernatural grace and favor. * Learn how to prepare to be transformed into an overcomer. The revelation that he reveals in this book is very rich and full of life! It imparted into me a stronger desire to approach the heavenly places for myself. It will also inspire you as well. Kevin is a forerunner sent to infuse the Body of Christ with faith to experience the secret places of the heavenly realms I encourage you to eat from the table of the Lord that has been spread before you through Kevin's new book. You heart will be well nourished and inspired. May it be said of all of us who desire to be with the Lord, “Thou has ascended on high…thou has received gifts for men.” Dr. Victory Morgan, Pastor, Victorious Living Fellowship, Orlando, Florida This is a deeply personal account of the author’s journey into the glory of God and detailed depictions of his experiences of the open heavens. This new work by Kevin Basconi is filled with testimonies, prayers, and impartation to help others discover all these things for themselves. Kevin encourages others to stop waiting and begin their own journey of exploration into the deep mysteries of the Kingdom of God. In Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come, a powerful witness is released to help you understand that you can also have similar spiritual experiences. The author clearly points the way for you to see what he has seen and releases you to experience even more. If you are seeking deeper experience in the glory realms, this book is for you! If you want to live under the blessings of God that flow from an open heaven, this book is for you! Pastor James Durham, Higher Calling Ministries International In his new book, Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come, Kevin shares extraordinary experiences and delves deeply and gives insight into the meaning and application to world events and for the Body of Christ today. Dr. Stephen R. Richardson, Ordained Foursquare minister and medical doctor, retired Kevin Basconi has once again written a powerful book on the mysteries of God's supernatural Kingdom. This book will challenge you and spur you into higher dimensions of God's glory as well as challenge you to go beyond your current experience and knowledge of God. This could be the very book that propels you into the greater dimensions of God that you have been waiting for until now! Dr. David Herzog, President of D.H.M., Author of Glory Invasion Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come is all about taking hidden truths and making them plain. The Bible says that “it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2, NKJV). Kevin Basconi is one who has searched out mysteries, discovered practical keys, and is now communicating those truths in ways for others to walk in. There are two primary things I love about Kevin’s books. First, there are many practical examples of what he is has come to understand. It is not just theoretical or theological concepts he explains but practical truths that have an effect on our daily lives. Second, it is always evident that Kevin wants the reader to walk in or experience what he is conveying. He challenges us with “the whosoever anointing” and “the Kingdom of God within you.” It is not just Kevin who experiences these encounters; it is for all of us! I recommend Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come to you. It will put a hunger in you not only for “God experiences” but will also arouse a passion for the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. A fire will be stirred in you! Pastor Alan Koch, Senior Pastor, Christ Triumphant Church It is with great enthusiasm we partake of Kevin's new book, Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of the Powers of the Age to Come, and what the Lord has given him. Yes! We look forward to an outpouring of the fullness of the Spirit with love, peace, and mercy and God's glory revealed in a time when the shaking of Heaven is rattling the earth. You will be blessed as you read this amazing book! Pastor Per and Majbritt Altsved, Stockholm, Sweden This book will stir a desire up in your heart to know the power and presence of God in a greater way, as Kevin unfolds to you his personal encounters with the living God. I was in attendance at his School of the Seers 2013, when the entire gathering of 300 people was taken into the heavenly dimensions; and I testify that I have never experienced anything so real and powerful. It will give you understanding and revelation on how to establish spiritual truths in your own life. Carol Koch, Director and Founder of Children on the Frontlines.

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