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Dancing with Angels 2-Signed by the Author

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Over 80% off for a limited time! Now just $3.99 per copy, new books direct from the printers, and signed by the author! Learn more about the anointing of Melchizidek and accessing the heavenly places!

DWA Book 2

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In Dancing With Angels 2, Kevin will continue to build upon several scriptural principles associated with the angelic realm. I am going examine in great detail the importance of the Holy Spirit and His role in implementing or 'activating' angelic ministry. The Holy Spirit's ministry and role are extremely significant and of great consequence to our pursuit. I will seek to elaborate on the various ways you can work in symphony with the Holy Spirit in relationship to angelic ministry. Kevin also expands on several ideas and concepts that were not elaborated upon fully because of the limitation of space in the first book. I pray these testimonies and scriptural principles will encourage you and build your faith to accomplish all that the Lord has called you to do at this crucial hour. We will investigate more of my theories about Christ Jesus' mindset in relation to angelic ministry in Dancing With Angels 2. We will examine several scriptural passages that illuminate Christ's ongoing interaction with angels. By elaborating upon these and other instances of angelic ministry found in the bible we can help to build upon the foundations laid in the first book of the trilogy. I will also go into detail and explain several theories that I have about how important angelic ministry was to Christ as He walked upon the earth as an ordinary man. In addition to this we will examine in much greater detail several keys to activating angelic activity in your life that were not fully elaborated upon in the first book due to space constraints. We will devote a great deal of this second book of this trilogy to the subject of the role of the Holy Spirit and His involvement in helping people to access the realm of angels. We will also look at the role or ministry of the Holy Spirit that is involved in helping a person or a group of people to open the heavens over their lives. Open heavens are critical to understand and activate angelic activity and visitations in a person's life. I will share several powerful testimonies about the role that the Holy Spirit played in opening the heavens in my life. I will also share numerous testimonies of ordinary people who saw and experienced the effects of the open heavens. Some of these testimonies are extremely supernatural in nature, and are illustrated in great detail. Many People find these testimonies not only fascinating, but it helps them to understand how easy it is to actually 'rend' or 'rip open' the heavens over their lives too. You could call this a 'nuts and bolts' theology on open heavens in relation to angelic visitations. That is the beautiful thing about this trilogy, as people read these testimonies they tend to begin to experience the same kinds of supernatural experiences. This because of the scriptural principle found in Revelation 19:10. As the Apostle John fell at the feet of an angel to worship him the heavenly being warns him against angels worship, (a recurring theme in the trilogy), and gives him this powerful prophetic promise; "See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." Again we understand that we are never to worship an angel. We are also told that angels are our 'co-slaves, or fellow servants who have the testimony of Jesus'. Finally we are told that a testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy. So when people read these testimonies about the Lord and His angels they can be potential prophetic promises for them to appropriate. That is one reason that so many people are being impacted so powerfully by this book. This includes tapping into or activating the anointing of the Holy Spirit that is found in or under an open heaven. It is really quite easy. However, there has not been a lot of books or teaching on this subject matter up to now. These testimonies give the reader a simple step by step outline, or 'kingdom keys' that can help unlock the heavens over their lives. Jesus is the role model that I use for this principle in the second book. We need to base our faith squarely upon Christ alone, and the model that He emulated for us. However, as the reader sees how this dynamic of the Kingdom of Heaven unfolded in my life and in the testimonies in the second book, it becomes clear that it is not something that unobtainable for them. The reader is inspired and their faith is built up to believe to receive that same kinds of supernatural experiences. They will begin to understand what an open heaven is, and also how to rend the heaven's over their own lives. This will result in the anointing of the Holy Spirit multiplying upon them, and eventually activate them to see and co-labor with God's angels as the Lord leads them. At times this will also result in the manifest blessings of God, or the favor of the Lord emerging in their lives. Learning to live under an open heaven can be life changing. That is the goal of this trilogy, to help people grow into the very image of Christ Jesus and into the power or anointing of the Holy Spirit. One other small but important benefit of this is the ability to recognize and work with God's angels. I will look at the dynamic of an open heaven in great detail and share several dynamic testimonies of open heavens and how angels have manifested in these circumstances. Finally I will share an important reason that the Lord is allowing ordinary people to access the supernatural realm and this kind of authority at this hour. This has to do with the restoration of all things that is outlined in the book of Acts 3. The Lord is moving upon the hearts of people to be transformed into the very image of Christ and into the power of the Holy Spirit. This is because He wants us to demonstrate His kingdom and His gospel with His power. These both come from the revelation knowledge that is released to a person who is living under an open heaven. Actually, it is the restoration or establishment of the 'priesthood of all believers', and we will look at this aspect and dynamic of opening the heavens over your life in the conclusion of the book. This explanation of the 'priesthood of all believers' at the conclusion of the second book; The Role Of The Holy Spirit and Open Heavens In Activating Your Angelic Visitations will dovetail seamlessly into the subject matter of the third book of this trilogy. One aspect of the 'priesthood of all believers' is understanding how to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit by living your life under an open heaven. Another aspect of the 'priesthood of all believers' is realizing that Christ has given us an example to follow and that we are called to be priests after the order of Melchizedek having free access into the realms of heaven. There we will receive supernatural revelation that will empower us to demonstrate Christ's Kingdom with the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. This is Christ's example for us. One small but important part of 'priesthood of all believers' is the God given ability to passed through the heavens, just like Jesus the Son of God, and freely obtain revelation knowledge there. We will relate simple ways for the reader to do just that as we define the role of 'priesthood of all believers'. Finally, Dancing With Angels 2: The Role Of The Holy Spirit and Open Heavens In Activating Your Angelic Visitations, is a well written biblically based book. It builds upon the foundation laid in the first book of the trilogy and continues to enlightens the reader with additional understanding of the angelic ministry. The readers be encouraged and they will gain a lot of knowledge and understanding about God's angels and the role that angelic ministry will play in the coming days. They will hopefully realize that angelic ministry is a normal part of Christ's Kingdom, and walk with God. Angelic encounters are not something that should be looked at with fear and suspicion. We hope that the reader will no longer be paranoid of the paranormal aspects of the Kingdom of Heaven. Lives will be changed and people will be empowered to live in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. They will discover simple ways to 'loose' angels and 'rend' the heavens over their lives. By doing so will begin to live in a much greater level of victory and power that Christ purchased for us on the cross. 'Dancing With Angels 2' also gives you additional insights into 'hidden mysteries' of Christ's Kingdom concerning angels and unlocks simple secrets that can activate anyone to interact, recognize, and work with the angels that are already busy around each of us. In addition to this The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today series and 'Dancing With Angels' books will also have a long shelf life. The reason for this is that the books is are also reference books or handbooks that people can refer to for understanding of their supernatural experiences long after they have read the books in the trilogy. Also people are fascinated by the detailed descriptions of the angelic visitations that are illustrated throughout all three of these captivating, and mesmerizing testimonial books. People are in love with the idea of learning more about the unseen realm and understanding more about angels. And though Kevin encourages people to co-labor with God's angels he is extremely clear on the fact that we are not to worship angels in any fashion. So this trilogy is firmly grounded and biblically based. People are very interested to learn how angels appear today, and how angels are working on peoples behalf. Both of these subjects are covered in great detail in this trilogy. Many testimonies of angelic visitations are described in great detail in this trilogy. Most people find these descriptions of angels and the visitations of angels quite captivating. That is one reason that most people have a difficult time putting the books down. Several have read a book in one setting, and we are finding that people are recommending these books to their friends. Kevin shares an abundance of angelic visitations that have occurred in the 'terrestrial realm' or on earth in the first two books of the trilogy. However, in the third book he begins to share many more angelic encounters that he has experienced in the realms of heaven. As such the third book of the trilogy, Reality of Angelic Ministry Today ~ Dancing With Angels 3: Angels In The Realms Of Heaven, describes various places in heaven. We have found that people are very hungry to learn more about heaven and to catch glimpses into their heavenly home, and what God's angels are doing there. Therefore we expect the third book of this trilogy to be very well received. It will also have a broad demographic appeal as many people are very interested in the subject matter of how heaven appears.

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