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Activated into the Seers Realms by Books!By Staff

I am so very thankful for this ministry and have been reading all of Kevin’s books. I was into the second seer book when I heard the Lord speak to me and say; “ Isaiah 22:22”.

So I went to the verse and was delighted when the Lord said HE WAS GIVING ME THE KEY OF DAVID !  HALLELUJAH,,..

Then I kept reading the seer book and before no time there in front of my eyes Kevin said the same verse and this literally opened something up in my back.

At that moment while reading the book I started hearing God better and more clearly

I started discerning and seeing angels in my dreams etc.. Then after reading that verse I starting screaming with joy and Praising God.  All of a sudden I felt angels in my  room ..They were laughing with me then all of Heaven started cheering and I saw Papa smiling at me then Jesus was smiling too.

Then this morning the Lord told me that HE WAS GIVING ME MY PROMISED LAND AND IT IS BETHEL ..I believe God is telling me the Heavens have opened up over me...I have ordered more of your books and will continue this journey and keep u posted cause I know this is only the beginning!


Kathy L, Ohio

To order the trilogy of the Seer books CLICK HERE.