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Back Supernaturally Healed In CaliforniaBy Staff

This testimony was submitted to us by our friend Paul Cox and Aslan's Place

Paul asked that we let you know of healing on Saturday with King of Glory Ministry International in Apple Valley, California.

Kevin pointed at me and asked me if I had back problems. Then he had me stand before him. When he asked me if I had lower back pain I said yes.

Truth is it wasn't a consistent problem I thought. Just now and again when I had worked long hours. I actually was hoping for healing of an neck pain. Well God knows the root of a situation.

Kevin said he saw an angel of God at my back ministering for me. I felt my distended belly pull into my body and a since of smoothness.

However, it wasn't until the next day that I could really appreciate my healing.

My back is now straighter from hip to neck.

Thus my neck pain is gone.

My hip doesn't click.

My stomach muscles are now somehow supernaturally correctly inside my body cavity which is now tighter and stronger.

I don't feel hunched over.

All praises to God in the highest. For He heard my cry and healed my body.

Thank you Father and thank you Aslan's Place for being a facilitator of His mercies.

Edina, Los Angeles California